The return of Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks is not an ex-boyfriend of mine, he is not a long lost family member popping out of the woodwork at inopportune times..
If you’ve read the blog, if you’ve been pregnant or know anything about pregnancy- you know that Braxton Hicks are essentially ‘fake contractions.’

As fake as they may be, they are not fun, or comfortable, or pleasant to deal with.

By now, I am convinced my body hates being pregnant. It rejects it like a bad organ transplant. My body wanted to expel Holden at around 25 weeks. I had regular Braxton Hicks.. painful ones.. that we lovingly referred to as ‘the baby tumor’ because my uterus would tighten into a ball and protrude from my stomach.

I was hoping that maybe since this pregnancy so far has been the polar opposite from the last, that i’d avoid Braxton Hicks altogether. I really should learn not to assume anything.
This pregnancy is different alright, instead of getting Braxton Hicks starting at around 25(give or take) weeks.. they started last night, less than 11 weeks pregnant.

I knew instantly what they were, too. I got that oh-so familiar tightening feeling in my stomach, and could FEEL my uterus starting to stick out. Reached my hand down and I was right.
Thought maybe it was my imagination but less than 3 minutes later, another one.

While I haven’t had any since then.. just some pain (probably from not being able to poop, thank you iron pills!), I worry it is the start of another miserable pregnancy. Braxton Hicks essentially made my life a living hell.
Pain, doubling over because it’s hard to walk or function when your uterus feels like it’s going to burst through your skin.. constant (and I mean CONSTANT) trips to OB Triage (emergency room for preggos), constant monitoring, constant testing…

I can’t do all that shit this time around. I don’t have the freedom to drop everything and go running to my doctor’s office or the hospital to get hooked up to a machine. I have a hungry needy mouth to feed.. and i’m not talking about mine (though mine is real damn hungry right now).

This shit isn’t gonna fly. Braxton Hicks needs to go back to what ever hole he crawled out of and leave me the hell alone!

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  • That was pretty crappy. And even though they havent happened again since, it still does make me nervous. You really dont have the luxury this time of running over to the hospital for 5 hours whilst you sit hooked up to a machine that does god knows what.

    Pretty sure Holden wont sit in that room with you.

    Let’s hope that those were the last.