One of my absolute main goals to accomplish before the new baby comes is to get Holden potty trained.
I’d honestly hoped to HAVE him trained by now.. but I don’t think I was persistent enough with him in the beginning. Just wanted to let him ease into the whole thing.
Now, the thought of two kids in diapers completely horrifies me, for many many reasons, and I refuse to let it happen.

At first, I struggled to get Holden to even sit on the potty without screaming. Slowly we made progress, and soon he was going #2. A little while after that, he was peeing and pooping on the potty a few times a day. That went on for about a month and then BAM, nothing. He stopped peeing and pooping in the potty altogether, for no apparent reason at all.

I knew it was important to not get frustrated, so I just kept going on with our routine, taking him to the potty and encouraging him- and after nothing for a month, he started peeing in the potty again. No pooping. In fact, he made sure to wait until i’d put a clean diaper on him right after potty time to shit his pants. Frustrating to say the least. It was either that, or he would shit during lunch, without any indication he was doing so- so that all hope of pooping in the potty after lunch like he used to was shot.

Worried he would never be trained in time, I decided to get off my lazy ass and get down to business. Potty every hour, before every snack/meal, and after every snack/meal- and any time he decided to go to the bathroom door.
VERY quickly, within a few days (and this has happened over the past week), he was peeing in the potty EVERY single time I took him. Still pissing in his diaper here and there, regardless of how frequently we went.. again, frustrating.
STILL, no poop. Pooping during lunch.. sneaking poop out randomly throughout the day. What ever happened to him stopping in his tracks and grunting to push a turd out? That way i’d know exactly what he was doing, snatch him up, and run to the potty. Why doesn’t he do that any more?
Why does he shit DURING lunch? Can’t he just wait 5 more minutes? How the hell do I break him of that habit??

He’s SO good about peeing in the potty, I can tell if he doesn’t really have to go- he’ll try just because he knows that’s what he’s supposed to be doing. That is a HUGE step forward. Now all he has to do is actually initiate going to the potty instead of being told to do so.

The poop?? I really don’t know what to do. I encourage pooping in the potty. I even put the poop in his diaper IN the potty so he can see where it goes (trust me, it’s not fun, and it makes me heave, his shit smells reaaaally bad. almost as bad as Thomas’.)

All I can do is continue to do what i’m doing and HOPE he realizes that shitting his pants is not cool, or comfortable, and that all the cool kids are pooping in their potty’s.

Wiping one ass I can deal with, but two? I think that might be the 7th circle of hell.

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  • Yea. Not to mention that it would be so expensive to buy two separate sets of diapers. 5s and 1s at $20 a piece. YUCK!

    I hope he gets the pooping in the potty down soon. It’s really like the last step before he can start with the training pants. 🙂