Preggo Brain: Doing the Devil’s Dirty Work

There is something about being pregnant that makes women completely absent minded and air-headed. Some may disagree, but it’s a cold hard fact. Forgetful, clumsy, ditzy.. all lumped into one big gassy irritable mess.
I’ve been known to be driving and go the wrong direction home, to forget what i’m talking about mid sentence, to suddenly lose all common sense- and it’s annoying to say the least.

I call it “Preggo Brain” and unless you’ve been pregnant, you probably wouldn’t believe that it exists- but it does, and it’s dangerous.

Someone told me once that when women get pregnant, they end up only using half of their brain.. and while that’s horribly sexist (as a man said it to me) and untrue since we technically only use 10% of our brain anyways (according to scientists).. it fits the situation.

I’ve never felt more scatterbrained, confused and dumb in my life. I’m glad i’ve never made new friends while pregnant, they’d think I was one sandwich short of a picnic.

Today is prime example. Thomas and I went out to lunch with some friends of ours (who are married, and wifey is about 6 months preggo herself). I specifically did not stuff myself to the absolute extreme so I could have leftovers.
I proudly fill my to-go box to the brim with BBQ, corn biscuits, mashed potatoes, french fries, the works.. only to LEAVE IT ON THE TABLE.
Jenny does not leave food behind. I am a food enthusiast, a fat kid in hiding..

Leave it to a preggo to STILL be pissed about forgetting the leftovers hours after the fact.

I want my corn biscuits.

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  • Omg that does sound good! How could you FORGET THAT?! No one in their right mind would forget that. Thanks to preggo brain! Tell Thomas to get your left-overs next time(maybe he won’t have sympathy preggo brain and forget them)!