Whoever the ‘experts’ are we always hear about- they claim the strongest sense we have is our smell. We can remember smells from childhood.. there’s even been studies done with newborn babies and they can recognize their mother’s amniotic fluid from others’ (creepy, huh?)

Well, the whole smell thing has never really worked with me. You see, I have a horrible sense of smell. I don’t know if it’s the deviated septum from my brother breaking my nose as a kid (thanks, Biff!), or maybe that i’m always stuffy.. I can’t remember ALWAYS being this way, or I wouldn’t have gagged so hard whenever my brother sat on my face and farted.

Still, there aren’t many smells that bring me back to the ‘good ol’ days’.. The smell of vanilla doesn’t remind me of my mother’s cooking, the smell of cedar doesn’t remind me of the old cedar chest that sat at the end of my parent’s bed that I used to hide in.

The only time where my sense of smell actually works the way I think it’s supposed to is when i’m pregnant. I have SUPER smell. I should be a fat super-hero.. except I really don’t want to be wearing any spandex. Not cute when you’re retaining water.

This weekend Thomas and I went on the hunt to get a special kind of cocoa butter to lather myself in, in order to prevent myself from looking like an old worn-out tire once this baby is done having its’ way with me (and i’m sure Thomas will bitch about how much it cost in the comments section). Regardless of what ANYONE says, Palmer’s DOES NOT WORK. It doesn’t! Don’t buy it! When my ass started looking like a road map, I decided it was time to find something stronger.. and that I did.
When I ran out of it at the end of my pregnancy with Holden, I didn’t go and buy anymore.. as I needed something to FIRM my skin up instead of helping it stretch. No one likes the waterbed tummy. No one.
Anyways, we got home, and instantly I opened the canister of super-expensive cocoa butter and was hit with.. well I want to call it dejavou, but I know it’s nostalgia.
Such a familiar smell, reminding me of, what else? Pregnancy. Since it’s really never happened to me before, it’s an all new thing for me to get that creepy feeling of ‘I remember this smell EXACTLY.’ It suddenly felt like it was 2 years ago, first pregnancy all over again.

As cool as super-preggo smell is, just for giving me that neat little throwback- all preggos know the super-smell can work against you as well. Out of nowhere, a smell you normally love can make you want to hurl all over yourself. That’s not so fun.

The one smell-related thing I hate the most is getting the sense of “this tastes like ____ smells”
always weird, always not fun.

I think I might be glad to go back to my non-smelling self. I rather enjoy not having my eyes burned by the putrid gas seeping out of Thomas and Holden simultaneously.

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