More proof that time is going by too fast

Today was Preston’s (my brother’s son) 1st birthday party. It seems cliche to say “oh it seems like just yesterday…” but literally, it seems like just yesterday that Preston was a teeny-tiny newborn. It’s probably because I don’t see him very often (Biff only has custody every other weekend), so the growing process i’ve witness is compacted to the few times i’ve seen him (maybe 24 times?? if that).
It does seem like time flies by with Holden, too. I can’t believe he’s actually a year and a half old- but then again, it feels like FOREVER ago that he was a tiny little newborn. Well.. he also grew so damn fast I didn’t have a tiny baby for very long, so it could be a little but of that, too.

I can remember vividly being pregnant with Holden and wishing time would go by faster. It felt like EVERY day dragged along and I would NEVER make it to (insert week here) weeks along. Especially getting close to gender-determination time and giving-birth time. Nothing could make the time squeeze by any faster.
To quote a band I used to be horrifyingly obsessed with who shall remain nameless: “the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days”

This pregnancy, time couldn’t be flying by any damn faster and I just wish it would slow down. I want to cherish every moment left I have with just Holden and I. I need more time to prepare, mentally.. physically.. I need time to get everything ready, the house, the nursery..
If I could be pregnant for 2 years, i’d do it. I don’t care how fat and uncomfortable I am, I don’t care if my ankles turn to cankles and I can’t wear shoes- I will take that over pushing another spawn out in 6 months.

Slow down, time! Before I know it, Holden will be two, and i’ll have a screaming newborn. Soon after that, they’ll be in school and I won’t know what the hell to do with myself.
Sure, i’m excited to be out of the first trimester in about a week, but only to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, not be so damn constipated all the time. Entering the 2nd trimester and being that much closer to the 3rd is not an exciting prospect to me.

If only life were like a movie and I could have a universal remote that controls time.. only I wouldn’t be fast forwarding, i’d be rewinding, pausing & erasing.

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  • I feel you here. I definitely feel like things are happening quickly, and that we don’t really have enough time to react. It does feel like we are going to have this baby before we know it.


    Let’s hope that second and third trimesters definitely take it a little easier.

  • Hanson………that’s terrible.

  • HAHA anonymous. terrible that I quoted hanson, or more terrible that you knew what the quote was from?

    you closeted fan, you.

  • I googled the lyric.