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It’s kind of amusing becoming a mom for the second time around. There are so many things I had questions about when I was pregnant with Holden that now I already know and don’t need to ask.

Upon joining a new mommy group with girls due in October (like I am), i’ve been introduced to a whole new batch of women. Plenty of them are already mommies to however many kids, but I would say over 50% are new mommies.
Reading their posts and questions and giggling at some of the ridiculousness shows me how people must have reacted to my posts when I got pregnant with Holden. Of course if you haven’t been pregnant before, everything is new and everything is confusing, so obviously questions will be asked and why not??- this makes for some unintentional hilarity.

I try really hard not to laugh, because I KNOW some stupid crap (probably even far more ridiculous than anything I read) must have flown out of my mouth as a first timer, but the evil part in me can’t help myself.

Putting tons of weight behind old wives tales (Oh how I WISH they were true!), thinking baby is moving before 10 weeks preggo when it’s probably just gas, debating over lunch meat..
And we aren’t even out of the first trimester. I remember just how drama filled and crazy Holden’s playroom got during the 3rd trimester when hormones are at an all-time high. I don’t look forward to that at all.

The last thing I want to do is be a huge party pooper and go against someone who’s so excited that their baby’s heartbeat is high so it MUST be a girl… but it just didn’t ring true for Holden.
I’ve learned over time spent on message boards to bite my tongue. Everyone (so far) means well, and I probably wouldn’t have liked someone pissing in my cheerios about all the dumb little things I got excited over.

Perhaps i’ve just gotten too cynical in my ‘old’ age. I most certainly don’t know everything, but Holden’s playroom has been together for so long now (December of 06 I believe), and weve had far too much time to get the stupidity and silliness out of the way that really all there is left to do is make fun of eachother- some of that is bound to spill over.

I’d complain that it’s going to be a LONG pregnancy.. but I really don’t want October to come any sooner than it already is.

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  • It’s probably true. There are thousands of questions that you ask the first time around that you dont even bother bringing up the second time. Is it ok to breath in helium? If I push a poop too hard, can I go into premature labor at 4 weeks? ETC.

    It just comes with time and experience that these questions answer themselves. Giving these girls a break is probably a good idea. I’m sure some people on your due date club gave you a couple. 🙂

  • Lol. I know how you feel all too well. I just keep my mouth as shut as I can and smirk away.