Excuses, excuses.

I’ve said before that i’m a rather big fan of being able to get your way while pregnant.

As women, we’re growing and incubating a child, having to give up our bodies, caffeine, drinking, smoking (if you smoke), and sanity.. so we should get something in return, right?

I’ve never forced Thomas to run out at midnight to get me a milkshake from a CERTAIN fast food place 30 minutes away, i’ve never even had a ‘midnight craving’.. I like to go a little more subtle than that.
“Honey, can you get me some water? I don’t want to get up.”

This doesn’t really work all that well in the first trimester, as there’s no reason you shouldn’t still be as active as you were prior to pregnancy (unless you’re having complications).. but sometimes you can still get away with it assuming your husband/significant other isn’t a total piece of shit.

The main problem at the time being seems to be myself. I give MYSELF whatever I want, and I use pregnancy as an excuse.

HUGE bowl of ice cream.. and not just any ice cream, but two different types at 10pm? I can do it ’cause i’m pregnant!
a billion chips with dip at lunch time? Psh, no problem, i’m pregnant!
Bowl of cinnamon toast crunch before bed time? It’s just ’cause i’m preggo!

Sure, eating is fun.. and you DO need 300 extra calories a day… but i’m pretty sure those are meant to be healthy calories.
No one will look at you funny when you’re stuffing your pregnant face with goodies, but it’ll come back to bite you in the ass later once the baby pops out and you still look pregnant because of all the slack you’ve given yourself to eat whatever the hell you want.

Somehow, I just can’t help myself. It’s like being pregnant flipped a switch in my brain and I absolutely have to have (insert unhealthy snack here) whenever I happen to want it.
While not pregnant, I know all of these things are bad, and I mock those who use pregnancy as a crutch into lardassdom.. but actually being pregnant and trying to resist a fantastical bowl of sugary crunchy wonderful cinnamon toast crunch is a different story completely.

Save me from myself.
I really don’t want to walk into the doctor’s office and have her tell me to “STOP EATING SO MUCH” because I gained 10 pounds in a month like I did with Holden.
That is something I don’t want to relive.
Plus, i’d like to be back to not-fat in less than a year and a half.. that would be nice.

A girl can dream, right?

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  • I can happen. You can snap back to your skinny jeans all over again. Let’s have faith here.

    I don’t believe that you are doing anything that you wouldn’t have really done either way. Granted, you have never really wanted a bowl of cereal at night, but it was good.

    Let’s just hope that I don’t gain too too much sympathy weight with you. As I don’t work out during the day, it is much harder for me to lose the weight. heh.

  • Ok for starters, dr.s dont always know whats best. Second, you should be able to eat what you want as long as its in moderation and a little work out now and then, yes i know i said work out. LOL. Who cares if you gained 10 lbs in a month as lobg as you havnt gone over the +30 lbs needed for pregnancy. I say live a little and splurge every now and again.

  • This is the only time in life when noone is going to think of you as a fatty for eating a whole package of cookies in 15 minutes by yourself.

    Fuck it. I’m enjoying it! 🙂

  • Anonymous: you’re talking to the girl who gained over 40 with the last pregnancy even though after being told I was a fatty I made sure to eat healthy. Hard not to be paranoid!

    and I do work out, but DAMN if even being the slightest bit pregnant doesn’t knock the wind out of me after 5 minutes.

    I think my body just WANTS me to be a lard ass again, and I ain’t listening!

  • I gained over 50lbs with each child. After the first I lost it all within 30 days. The second took about 45 days…with 2 kids you activity increases so that will help a bit…no worries as Thomas said you will be in your skinny jeans faster then I was. You have better metabolism then I do.
    Enjoy the chance to indulge yourself.