Buh-Bye Victoria’s Secret

In high school, I suppose you could say I was one of those teenagers obsessed with labels. I wouldn’t wear anything if it wasn’t name brand. Target didn’t have cute clothes yet, and I guess it made you “cooler” to only wear Abercrombie, American Eagle or something of that sort.

Today I really couldn’t care less, as long as it’s cute.. but you really do have to worry about quality when you’re buying things from cheap-o stores (or Express, it’s a coin toss whether their shit is going to fall apart or not), or from the bargain stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Too many times i’ve bought things from there, put them through the wash once or twice and ended up with holes everywhere or seams ripped apart.

Even though i’ve become more laid back when it comes to labels, I never changed my views on bras (or underwear). I’ve ONLY ever bought bras from Victoria’s Secret. Let me clarify to say I never bought bras full price from VS, only ever on sale.. ’cause with my itty bitty’s, I don’t need to be spending $50 bucks on a bra. I don’t need that much support.

It must have been something like 13 years i’ve worn VS bras with no problem, and then I got pregnant with Holden.
Slowly but surely, I started breaking out in some kind of weird rash exactly where the underwire of the bras sit. Since I have sensitive skin, I figured it was just something due to that, changed my soap to Aveeno (since that’s made for rash-proned people), and called it a day.
Unfortunately for me, it never really got better. There were times where it faded from bright red welts, to sort of a salmon colored nothingness, but it’s always been there-taunting me.

A few months ago I was reading a trashy gossip website (Oh Perez, I wish I could quit you!) when I came across a little blurb about how Victoria’s Secret bras contain formaldehyde in their underwire, causing a lot of women to break out in welts where the underwire sits on their skin.
BINGO! This explained everything. It wasn’t my sensitive skin, it was stupid ass VS and their stupid underwire.

Call me stupid, but since I had SO many VS bras (and even on sale they’re still pretty pricey), I didn’t just want to toss them all out and buy new ones.. it would cost too much and I couldn’t justify the cost in my mind (I seem to be putting myself last lately), so I stuck with them.

Right before the new pregnancy, the rash escalated, and since then has been the most red, widest spanned, ugliest it’s ever been.
I complained constantly to Thomas about wanting new bras, but I had no money, he had no money.. and I sure wasn’t going to force him to buy me bras- so again I dealt with it.

That was until my boobs started growing at a ridiculous rate and not only were my bras making me rashy, but they literally hurt to wear. I decided it was definitely time to invest in new bras.. and not just new bras- but a different brand altogether.

It was actually kind of scary walking through the mall trying to decide where to buy new bras. I’d shopped at VS ever since I got boobs, so I had no idea what was good and what was not.

Being that there was only one other underwear/bra store in the entire mall (unless you wanted to go to JCPenney’s and buy a WonderBra, pass.), it seemed like the only choice. Aerie, a spawn of American Eagle. I like their clothes (on sale, hah!) so why not underwear?
The one downside is those dumbasses that work there won’t size you for a bra like VS does. Since my boobs are currently on an upward swing, I certainly had no idea what size I was.. so the chick just gives me two drawers full of bras to try on. Thanks!

I found that not only were these bras more comfortable, but less expensive, and a hell of a lot cuter. We bought two (and some underwear, I know Thomas! No need to remind me!) and went on our way.

A week later, and the rash is almost completely gone and my boobs are happy and I don’t have to hide my mini-cleavage anymore. Porno preggo boobies can come out to play!

Screw you Victoria’s Secret, and your poison filled boulder-holders.
I won’t miss you at all!!!!

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  • Yay. I am glad that the rash has since faded. Although expensive, I believe it was worth it. They were cheaper than the VS though, so that’s a good thing.

    They are much cuter too. Good.