Bad Influence

So far, i’d say Thomas and I have been pretty lucky in the fact that Holden hasn’t picked up on a lot of the ‘bad’ things we do around him. He really only repeats actions, and not so much words. Ever since we moved he hasn’t been a big talker. He understands absolutely EVERYTHING I say- but isn’t interested in saying much anymore. Or not much I can understand anymore.

I think he’s in this phase where as vocal as he is, he’s more interested in being an absorbent little sponge for the physical things.

This means we need to start watching our actions very carefully. Even things we do without realizing it.

Take Thomas for instance. He is a nail biter. And not just your run of the mill nail biter- but the “I bite my fingers down PAST the nubs, sometimes until they bleed, and sometimes even past that.”
As a nail biter myself, you’d think I wouldn’t be bothered.. but this is beyond my tolerance threshold. I feel like HIS mommy constantly yelling at him to stop biting his “nails”- if you can even call them that. I did it before Holden, and especially now with Holden watching and repeating every move.

Over the past few weeks i’ve caught Holden fake biting his nails. Just sticking his fingers in his mouth and chewing. The last thing I want is Holden taking after Daddy and having disgusting fingers that I can’t even stand to look at.

More recently than that, Holden has learned where his boogers are. When he cries, instantly his nose runs.. and while I probably say booger all the time to him, it still blows my mind that when I tell him to wipe his boogers and give him a tissue- he wipes his nose.
The problem lies in the fact that since I have both of my nostrils pierced, I am a constant nose picker. Always adjusting, always scratching, always cleaning.
My little booger factory baby has picked up on this and likes to stick his finger up his nose, too. Just like Mommy! Problem? He doesn’t just put his finger in his nose.. he goes straight for his brain. I’ve seen him stick his finger in past the first knuckle.. that shit can’t be healthy. Even worse? He gets mad when I pull his finger OUT of his nose. What kind of pleasure could he be getting from scratching his freaking brain stem?

What will he pick up next? Adjusting his package, or an invisible bra? Picking a wedgie?
If only pourous absorbant children would pick things up like.. wiping their own asses or not shitting their pants… My world would be a very happy place.

Posted on March 23, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • He grabs his little area a lot, like he is scratching/adjusting, so he already learned that one. He’s a dude, it comes as second nature.

    I am trying to cut back on biting. I figure that quitting smoking and nail biting can both be done at the same time. Let’s see how that works out.

    I do like that he is a little sponge, its fun when he says things and does things that we know he can do. Hopefully he doesn’t instill the things that could get him into trouble. Words, phrases, or actions. lol

  • Unfortunately the nail biting thing seems to be a horrible genetic deviation…I bit my nails but never as far as Thomas does. However, before his stroke his grandfather did the same, bite til they bleed, as Thomas. No, Thomas was never around him daily. More like 3 or 4 times a year….Sponging is awesome.