VD: Valentines Day AND Venereal Disease?

Coincidence? I think not.

I’ve never been the type to buy into the Valentines Day hype. I’ve never cared if I was single or taken, or if someone bought me candy or a ridiculously huge stuffed bear holding a heart that says “I WUB YOU!” or any of that shit. It’s just another day. Another excuse for whiny bitches to complain about how bad their boyfriend sucks for not getting them anything, or an excuse to brag about the diamond earrings they received.
Either way, i’m not a fan.

Sure, I like chocolate, so I appreciate it when I get it- but i’m not gonna get butthurt if I don’t get anything. Priorities: there are more important things to buy. Get me a 2-pack of reeses and call it a day. I’m allergic to pollen, so I have never ever liked flowers. I don’t care if it’s a dozen roses. They’re FLOWERS. They’re going to die in less than a week, why do I want those? As a proclamation of your love? Please.

I’m not bitter, i’ve never been burnt on Valentines day or anything hopelessly sad like that.. I just think it’s dumb. A day about love.. based on a huge massacre? Why? Does that even make sense?

Let’s just hang out, watch a movie, have some dessert, and call it a night. I’m a simple girl. I don’t need to be wined and dined. I don’t really like dressing up an going out. I have a favorite italian restaurant, but it doesn’t require fancy clothes. I’m totally ok with taco bell too, yum.

The singles can go out and get themselves some VD love, be it Valentines Day, Venereal Disease.. or both.. they can have it.

I’d much rather hang out with my husband, and my kid (as whiny as he’s been today, constipation is AWESOME!) and relax.

Now I think i’m gonna go have an orange/cinnamon muffin that Thomas made me this morning and call it a night.

Posted on February 14, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • Orange cinnamon muffins and Whitmans chocolates. I think it was a pretty good VD. Both of whihc, I dont think you saw coming lol. 😀

    Either way, it was a pretty good day. A little whiny, but it’s ok, he had his reasons. :\

  • That’s awesome that he made muffins. I can hardly get D to make anything for me these days!

    Orange cinnamon muffins…Is it a secret recipe or can he share? LOL Sounds interesting!