Unpacking Woes

For me, the worst part of moving is the unpacking process. I always thought trying to pack everything up to move was the most annoying part.. oohhh no, not even close. Perhaps it’s because the last time I moved, I was only moving MY crap since Thomas and I were moving in together and I didn’t have to deal with any of his stuff. Come to think of it, I didn’t have to deal with ANYTHING considering the fact that I was pregnant and couldn’t lift much (doctor’s orders! hah!)

Now that Thomas and I have lived together for over 2 years, we not only have the crap we’d accumulated alone, but the crap we’ve accumulated as a couple as well. I’d have to call us both pack rats if there were one word for it.
I don’t know how we ever accumulated so much random junk. Junk neither of us has touched in years, but has moved from place to place, stayed in boxes, and gotten moved again to our new home. Boxes I really don’t even want to deal with because I literally have no idea why it was kept for so long or what to do with it now. Sentimentality plays it’s evil role again, causing me to not want to get rid of things even though i’ve had no use for it in years.

If there’s ONE good thing I have to say about our old craptastic townhouse, it’s that it had a ton of storage space. Closets that ANY woman would drool over. Those things went on for DAYS.
Our new house may be bigger, but the closets leave a lot to be desired, and make it incredibly hard to find anywhere to put all this random junk, so now I think i’m going to be forced to actually sift through the masses of crap and decide what stays and what goes.

I’ve literally been unpacking for almost a week straight. I am not enjoying it at all. Finding new places for things, trying to decide where everything goes… not easy. When you live somewhere for a while, you get used to where things are.. then you up and move and everything is in a new palce and you find yourself going through 3 cabinets before finding what you’re looking for.

I never thought we’d fill up a ‘4 bedroom’ house.. but we EASILY did so. We could even use MORE room. It’s insane. Maybe I should stop buying things off of craigslist and save myself the hassle.. but I can’t help it.
I dread the thought of moving again, because we’ll have even MORE crap to move. I knew moving in here that I didn’t want Holden going past the elementary school level in this city.. but thinking about having to pack up and move again is making me consider it. Private school at least. The public middle & high schools are pretty damn bad.. we just can NOT afford to live in the city with the good schools. Everyone and their mother wants to live there, making the cost of living insane. This house, in that city.. would most likely cost a good 50k more, ew.

Then again, maybe by the time Holden is the age where i’d want to move, the housing market will boom and all the upgrades we’ve ALREADY done to this house would make us enough money to live where we want to live.
A girl can dream.

Hell, maybe it would make enough money to HIRE movers and not have to do a DAMN thing ourselves. That’s wishful thinking for sure.

My laptop is still dead. Why? I don’t know. It’s making blogging hard, and pissing me off because it’s less than a year old and worked perfectly before we moved and suddenly it doesn’t even acknowledge that it’s plugged in. Grrrr. I don’t want to have to pay to fix it, but I also don’t want to sit in an office by myself and pound away at the keyboard by myself. I like to be able to relax, kick back, and joyfully write my sarcastic comments to this place.
The quietness of this room is alarming.

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