Stupidity at its’ finest.

So, I blogged a few days ago super pissed off and whiny about how my laptop suddenly stopped working the first time I tried using it since moving.

In the past, I have had incredibly bad luck with electronics. Cell phones, computers, cars (if you count that as an electronic), you name it- it’s broken on me for no apparent reason.

Immediately, I looked up computer help forums and started reading the multiple problems people have had with the laptop I have. It seemed as though my computer shitting out randomly is a ridiculously common problem. Great! Just what I need, ANOTHER laptop crapping out after less than a year of use.

I start trying all the troubleshooting solutions listed on the website. Taking out the battery and trying to turn it on with just the power cord. Nothing. No power source even acknowledged. Putting in the battery and removing the power cord, nothing. No power source acknowledged.
I even tried leaving it plugged in overnight to recharge the battery if it happened to be a power problem: Nothing. No power source acknowledged.
SHIT! This is where I begin to think i’m totally screwed and start panicking over the thought of losing MORE memories. All of Holden’s pictures are on that laptop, and like the ‘tard I am, I didn’t back them up. Then the thought creeped into my mind that i’d have to pay to either get it fixed, or get the files extracted. Not something I want to spend money on considering the house still needs things here and there, and I still owe 8k more for the down payment on the house.

Of course, my first reaction is to bitch and moan and even cry a little. My luck since moving into this house hasn’t been fantastic, what with a drifty window right above my head while sleeping, no shower pressure (which turned out to be a STUPID SETTING on the shower head), and seemingly endless boxes of shit strewn about the house.

I’ve been pissed about it ever since.

Tonight I was sitting on Thomas’ desktop browsing Ikea (I wish there was one closer, but I might go bankrupt. LOVE that place) and he brings me seemingly dead laptop into the office.
I start making comments like “good luck with that piece of shit!” and I turn around and the BITCH IS ON.

And you know what he says to me???
“The power cord wasn’t plugged all the way into the charger.”

…. how did I miss that?!? How in the hell did I miss THAT?! The simplest thing and somehow I didn’t pick up on it. WOW, I am stupid.

When the computer boots up, I see that the battery is totally dead, which is why it didn’t work when the power cord was unplugged either.
How the battery was dead is totally beyond me, considering I ONLY use the computer while it’s plugged in.. seeing how I don’t travel.
Then again, it’s most likely because the STUPID POWER CORD WASN’T PLUGGED ALL THE WAY IN TO THE CHARGER, which drained the battery of all power.

Ugh, all that stress and freaking out for NOTHING. I’m going to get gray hairs and crows feet because of this. THANKS POWER CORD!! THANKS A FUCKING LOT!

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  • I think the laptop was on when we moved. Leaving it on, pretty much, for 5 days and drained the battery. :o\ Then, the stupid power cord not working properly definitely threw another cog in the mix.

    Atleast we are both all back , up and running, with our computers.
    Now we have to get the damn positioning more comfortable for you.

  • That sounds like something I’d do, lol!! I’m glad it’s working now! Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what’s really going on!