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The best part about getting over being sick is being able to eat REAL food again.

Even though I had only been shoving broth down my throat for 2 days, it felt like an eternity.. so when my stomach finally felt up to handling ‘the real thing’- I went all out.
Can you guess what ‘all out’ means?

two words…
two words that would make any stomach rumble in anticipation of the wake of destruction it would leave in its’ path. Your toilet cringes in fear, as it knows it will no longer be clean..


I know Taco Bell isn’t REAL mexican food. And y’know what? I don’t care. It’s fantastic. It may wreak havoc on your bowels.. but the cheap satisfying stomach filling wonderfulness is well worth it.

Being that we just got over the stomach flu, it may have been more wise to take it a little slower.. perhaps eat a 5-dollar footlong (VOMIT!!!).. or a sandwich from panera (yum).. but I decided to be dangerous.

Nacho Cheese Gordita combo please!
Now.. leave it to taco bell to completely fuck my order up, giving me a cheesy gordita crunch instead, which is totally disgusting and always tastes stale and is lacking the fabulous NACHO CHEESE SAUCE, HENCE THE NAME.. and then INSIST it’s a Nacho Cheese Gordita..

Don’t you know your own menu?? Haven’t you seen the comercials? They are NOT THE SAME THING. Now GIMME WHAT I WANT!

Poor Thomas, had to go back and get it.. I thought i’d checked thoroughly enough by SQUEEZING the damn thing but the taco was so soggy it felt like it was right. Grr.
To make up for their fuckup, they gave us a stale ass apple caramel empanada.. thanks!

I think it may be due to the fact that I shit myself crazy while I was sick.. but the taco bell had a calming effect on my stomach. No poop.. no rumbles.. just full. Always a good feeling.
Thomas was not so lucky.. he complained for a good 2 hours about how “taco bell was a bad idea.”

No one can complain to a girl who puked for 14 hrs straight when they only pooped a handful of times. I’d take pooping over puking ANY DAY.

I’m still being very cautious with breakfast.. toast and gingerale.. healthy!

Lunch? I don’t think I can ever eat my handy-dandy fallback.. the deli-chicken slices, tomato, onion, mayo, salt and pepper sandwich that i’ve been eating literally every day for about a year.. considering that’s the first thing I puked up when I got sick and now I live in fear of it..

Gotta hate conditioning. Damn you Pavlov!

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