Split Pea Soup

This blog has been a desert wasteland lately, and I have good reason.

For the first time in his life, Holden is violently ill. When I say VIOLENTLY, I mean it. Think: The Exorcist projectile vomiting scene. Color and everything… well.. the color matches what’s coming out of his ass and not so much his mouth.

I’ve dealt with baby spit up, probably more than most.. but baby VOMIT is a completely different ballpark.

While putting Holden to sleep last night, he vomited all over Thomas (who claims it smelled like alfredo sauce… ew.). I hear Thomas yelling for me, I walk in Holden’s room, turn on the light- and they’re both covered in chunky white puke.
Now, this didn’t seem totally abnormal. Sometimes Holden gets upset when he doesn’t want to go to bed and works himself into a frenzy and pukes- so of course I just assumed it was an isolated incident, helped Thomas change both of their clothes and Thomas tried putting him back to sleep only for it to happen again..
and again..
and again…
3 pairs of pajamas later, a puked on bathroom mat, puked on socks and shirts and hoodies… we knew something was wrong.
And it wasn’t just puke, it was all of Holden’s lunch and dinner and stomach bile, and dry heaving.

I don’t want to say it’s ‘lucky’ that this happened at night time, but it kind of was.. Holden went from screaming and vomiting, to straight-up PASSED OUT. Out cold. And he didn’t have a fever, so I started thinking food poisoning. We all ate the same thing though, so wouldn’t Thomas and I be sick and puking too?

When it started to get REALLY bad, I decided it was time to call the pediatrician. Of course, when you call the pediatrician, you have to jump through flaming hoops to actually talk to ANYONE who can actually help you, and it’s never the actual doctor- just a nurse making generalizations.
She tells us it’s the stomach flu. Still baffles me since Holden has NO fever whatsoever, and he doesn’t spend time around other kids- so where did it come from?

Then it hits me (much like the puke hit the floor), my brother’s girlfriend’s snotty (yet cute) little girl. That girl is ALWAYS boogering on something- and she’s a daycare baby.. and she licked all over Holden’s sippy cup… and while I THOUGHT we had scrubbed it- maybe we didn’t?

Damn germy babies.

So this nurse gives us this ridiculous list of things to do, tells us he’s ‘highly contagious’ (YAY! Projectile vomiting is just what I want to be doing while taking care of a toddler!) and that he could have the runs for a week, too. AND that the puking could last from 12-24 hrs. Joy.

Holden had started the puking at around 9:15pm. At 2am he finally passed out for the night. When he woke up in the morning (later morning than 2am anyways) he seemed fine. He was his cheery self, wasn’t dry heaving.. so I went back to be assumption it was something he ate.

During breakfast he crapped his pants, nice solid poop (yes i’m referring to poop as nice.. you’ll understand why in a minute). I sit him on the potty to see if he’ll pee.. and he diahrreas in the potty. He gets TWO TREATS. Good boy, I say..
Not even 30 minutes later I smell something rank wafting through the air. I check the back of his diaper only to see that shit has creeped up all the way through his shirt.. through his pants.. through everything.
And when I say shit, it is by far the WORST shit he has ever had. Green, chunky, boogery, smelly.. I honestly had to talk myself through the diaper/clothes change in order to not vomit everywhere.

Throughout the day.. he had a couple more shits just like that one. I caught them quickly enough to where he’d only dessimate one article of clothing instead of the entire outfit, go me.

He refused to touch lunch.. and puked on himself afterwards. Puked WHAT?! He didn’t freaking eat. I guess I might not call it ‘puking’.. it was like.. one of those burps where stuff comes up and you try desperately to swallow it before letting it all go… except Holden didn’t swallow it. He screamed and cried and I ran his ass to the bathroom thinking he was going to vomit everywhere. He screamed like he wanted to (those waves of nausea are never fun) but didn’t.
Did the same thing when Thomas got home, too… and then didn’t eat dinner, his favorite! Hot dogs!
You know there’s something wrong with Holden when he won’t eat. The kids a fatty, he loves food– not today.

He went to bed tonight without upchucking his non-dinner on Thomas… i’m praying for no more split-pea-soup filled diapers tomorrow. I really don’t think I can talk myself through one more of those.

To sum it all up: MY POOR BABY!!! Tomorrow is going to be a day of force-feeding him pedialyte.. sounds like fun, huh?

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  • Oh that is horrible!!!! I am lucky that we have come this far without her being sick. I dont know how when he and I both had the gastro intestinal virus that was going around a couple of months ago. Hit frank and then a day later hit me….she was untouched while everyone around us got sick. I am praying for the day that she does get sick I will be able to handle it and not get sick myself. Ive never had to deal with her puking and am not looking forward to it.

  • As we are both aware. It got worse. Holden still didnt eat too much today, and then you got sick too… yay.

    You are curled up in the bed at the moment, trying to feel better or sleep. Hope it comes. Hope Holden eats better tomorrow, making me nervous.

    Feel better! I am going to go see what I can do to help.

  • I am so sorry Holden got sick like that! That’s just awful. I can’t imagine dealing with all that mess. I admit, I was gagging and holding my breath those nights Ally woke up covered in chunky puke. Yuck! I hope he’s over it soon!

  • Ewww…poor Holden and you! I think I’d rather deal with the puke than what you are describing in those diapers. Hope he gets over it fast.