When you were a kid, and your parents took you out to the Pizza Hut ‘salad bar’, or some other place where you got to pick and choose your own soda.. did you ever make what was called a ‘suicide’?
Basically, mixing every single thing on the line and drinking the disgusting concoction claiming it to be the ‘NECTAR OF THE GODS!’
You wouldn’t catch me doing that with soda these days, I can just imagine going into a total sugar coma and dying with carbonation foaming from my mouth..
but sometimes I get the strong urge to mix other things.

Tonight was ice cream. It was a risky endeavor, but I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one. I had to have peach ice cream (because I miss when hardees made peach milkshakes, bastards discontinued them. WORST DECISION EVER!), and mint brownie ice cream. If only I could find mint ice cream WITHOUT the chocolate chips, what a distraction.

Thomas, being a doting husband, found them both, and I made us both a bowl of the two icecreams. HEAVEN!

I don’t look forward to the days where Holden wants EVERYTHING. I’m glad he wasn’t awake to witness the pure and utter gluttony that took place this evening. Would be the perfect example of a bad influence, and right now he’s in total sponge mode- is picking up everything we do and copying it (STOP BITING YOUR NAILS, THOMAS!!!!).. and he follows me EVERYWHERE so it isn’t like I can hide from him.
He totally caught me sneaking a couple more bites of the Chicken Broccoli Bake we had for dinner tonight so I gave him another bite too. Bad mommy!

Sometimes.. you just have to be a fatty. Not all the time, because then my arteries would clog and explode, but every now and then it’s totally necessary. We only live once.. gotta live it up!
Living it up for me? Two icecreams in a bowl… WOW MY LIFE IS EXCITING!!!!

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