Laziness: another side effect of…?

There is still so much left to do to ‘finish’ our house, and somehow I can’t manage any energy or motivation to get it done.
Both Thomas and I did so much just getting it to where it is, I don’t think we have anything left in us to complete the project. I fear it will sit in its unfinished state for FOREVER, and I don’t want that. I want to make this our home.

Perhaps it’s because i’m so horrible at decorating, that I just stand around wondering WHERE to put things. Picture frames? I have no freaking idea what to do with them, what looks good where.. if they’re supposed to be in a straight line or in some funky pattern.

This is where I wish I won the lottery and could just hire a damn decorator. My brain is fresh out of snazzy decorating ideas. That, and you’d never think shelving would be so damn expensive, but it’s beyond ridiculous to me that a black wooden shelf is 13 dollars, and barely has enough room to even put anything on.
You’d need to buy 3 or 4 to make them look good, and no part of me can justify spending that much money for a couple of wooden shelves.

Then there’s all the touch-up work that needs to be done. Ugh. The bonus room.. still needs a 2nd coat of paint, AND all the wood (shelves, shoe molding, bay window) needs to be primed and painted. I do not even want to go there. All the doors we put up need a coat of paint, a lot of the molding needs another coat of paint.. all the roller marks on the ceiling (THANKS DAD!) need to somehow be wiped off..
Oh, and the stupid paint tape.. the tape that claims to have a “14 day clean removal” and doesn’t.. well all the paint it tore off the wall needs to be fixed up- and then there’s the tape that WON’T COME OFF.. that has to be tediously removed with a razor blade.
YAY for immense tedious workload.

Can’t I just close my eyes, snap my fingers, and have it done? That would be awesome.
Honestly, if I never pick up a paint brush again it will be too soon.

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  • I would just pick ONE task and then allow yourself like 2 weeks to get it done. My counselor told me to just do one CORNER at a time if that seemed less overwhelming for me, lol!

    Hope you can find some energy somewhere to get it done!