It’s over!

No more worrying about my mortgage going through the roof and not being able to afford eating anything other than ramen noodles.
The commissioner decided today that there doesn’t have to be a trust fund and the money can be dispersed to my brother and I as soon as some paperwork is signed and filed.


I have no idea when we’ll get the money- but I know it’s coming SOON, and that’s all the relief I need.
A HUGE HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, as i’m sure it’s been lifted off of the people doing the heavy footwork as well.

I think mostly, i’m just glad it’s finally going to be over. No more wondering or worrying. No more hearing my brother make conspiracy theories about how there’s “no money left” and somehow we’re getting smoke blown in our eyes about the whole thing (which I never believed and tried to assure him it was not true).

Now I can relax. I think the finalizing of this whole thing would make my mom happy too. I doubt she ever wanted this in litigation for so long, tearing people apart over stupid crap and misinterpretations and taking things out of context. She was always the peace-keeper of the family, I imagine the past 5 years would have totally pissed her off. And you don’t wanna piss my mom off, alive or dead.. i’m pretty sure she’d find a way to make you sorry.

2009 is still going to be a very strange year, for so many reasons. Things.. they are-a-changin’ and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. Sometimes, they just happen, they’re out of everyone’s control.
Not just for me.. at least I hope i’m not the only one being turned upside down.. but we’ll see I guess.

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  • That is great! Now you can truly “rest easy” in your new house!! I second your WOOT! lol

  • You bet your ass your Mom didn`t want things that way. She only wanted to be sure you guys didn`t get 1 lump sum and spend it all when you were to young to realize what to do with it. I`m so glad you now have a home(that`s yours), a wonderful family, and enough money to relax and enjoy the life you`ve worked so hard to achieve. Your Mom smiles and I know she is happy, because you are! <3...AS