Good Riddance craptastic townhouse

After tonight, we are officially free and clear of the ridiculous townhouse we lived in before our house. You know the one i’m talking about.

I’m so excited to have that part of our life behind us. No more dealing with roaches, things breaking and never getting fixed (we have to fix them ourselves now, of course, but at least it will get DONE), mice (and mouse poop), and incredibly ignorant office workers.

Above all else, i’m excited to be rid of the management. Ever since selling that place, it’s taken a turn for the toilet. New management has NO idea what they’re doing. They turned the neighborhood from a community into a business, no longer caring about the people who lived there and the conditions they were living in- only caring about getting paid ON TIME IN FULL.. even though they weren’t holding up their contractual obligations.
I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope they go bankrupt.
The two families we are friends with that still live there are moving out ASAP. I imagine anyone else who’s been there long enough to know how shitty it’s gotten is doing the same thing.

I don’t have high hopes for getting our security deposit back. I’m pretty sure they’re going to go to extreme lengths to find things “wrong” or “dirty” that they’re going to charge us out the ass for. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they claim we OWE them money after they do their inspection. They will be making a huge mistake to do that.. because we’ll shove the list of things they never fixed right back in their faces.
Dirty bathtub? That’s not dirt, idiots, it’s mold.. and it doesn’t come off. Trust me, i’ve bleached the living hell out of it, it isn’t going anywhere unless you tear the caulk up and recaulk the entire bathroom. Wasn’t my responsibility, was theirs.. and i’m not paying for them to fix it now.

Dirty oven? please. I don’t bake.

Mouse shit? Maybe they should have put traps in the house and there wouldn’t be shit left over from the ridiculous amount of mice running around. Not my damn problem anymore.

What I love is that they claim there are people WAITING to move in to that place.
Oh really? Is that why I know of at least 4 units that have been EMPTY since October? Is that why they’ve put up signs all over the complex about “resident referral bonuses”.. offering people $100 bucks if they scam someone into moving into that shithole?

The amount of bullshit they try and lay on residents is astounding. And they assume we’re all as stupid as them and will actually buy into it.

The worst? My friend karma who still lives there, and complains just about as much as we did (probably more actually) went in there the other day and got into an altercation with the office cunts.. AND THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS ME!!
Does that mean EVERY time she’s been in there, they just assumed it was me? How did they not realized that we do NOT have the same address. They’ve never seen or met me, i’ve personally never bitched once- I let Thomas handle that because I hate confrontation and would end up screaming at those ‘tards.
Maybe that’s why nothing in her townhouse ever got fixed.. but they sure as shit never came to my place and fixed anything she had complained about either.

Man, what a great place to live! I sure will miss it!


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