Free short stack at IHOP means..

Your chances of actually getting a table are slim-to-none. Might as well go to Denny’s.. Denny’s food is better anyways.

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of breakfast. Especially breakfast for dinner. Most breakfast food I have to give myself a pat on the back for because I make them DAMN good and from scratch.. pancakes are not my forte. Not at all. They NEVER taste right. Something always seems… off. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.. maybe I over beat the stupid things, maybe it’s too much of this or that (even though I follow the recipe), but they never come out the way I want them to taste so I usually avoid making them altogether.
Holden enjoys them, I do not.

So when I see commercials come on TV advertising a free short stack of pancakes from IHOP, of course I get all amped and want to go. They ARE the international house of pancakes, if it has pancakes in the name.. the pancakes are good.

Tuesday nights are the nights where my Dad comes over.. I knew he would not object to my love of pancakes and desire to get them free (let’s be honest here, my dad can EAT).. so I invited him along.

The trip became sort of a wild goose chase.. Of course IHOP had lines going all the way out the freaking door and down the sidewalk, that was out of the question.. I do not like to wait, especially with a hungry, heavy 17 month old.
So we keep driving. My Dad complains that Denny’s is far away, but I insist they have the best breakfast food. There’s a family owned place that’s closer, but their pancakes are tough.
Thomas decides on Denny’s. Good choice. Turns out to be kid’s night.

You can not beat getting an entire kid’s meal for free. We got Holden hot dogs.. which used to be his ALL TIME FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD and all he ate was the damn bun. I gave him my eggs and some hash browns and he gobbled them down. He is a weird child, through and through.
My dad ordered a DOUBLE STACK of pancakes and ate them ALL. Didn’t I tell you he could eat? It always baffles me how he can eat so much, I don’t know how he does it. Especially with something that expands as much as pancakes. Sometimes I wish I could put that much food away, but then I know i’d end up on one of those TV specials where they have to use a crane to get me out of bed and knock the fucking wall down to get me out of the house. I’m gonna have to pass on that. Pregnancy was the closest I EVER want to come to being ridiculously fat.. and at least I had an excuse when I was pregnant for eating disgusting amounts of food.

I’m still feeling the effects of Denny’s Grand Slam. A good poop should do me good, but my stomach has been all kinds of out of whack since the stomach flu. It is still angry with me.. and it’s not my damn fault!
FREE pancakes would have been better, but fuck if i’m gonna wait 30 minutes in the cold with a small child for 3 stupid pancakes. PASS!

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  • It was a much better idea going to Denny’s. IHOP is ok, after they did all the renovations and changing what they actually stand for (you know … breakfast) and became some kind of upper-crusty high-quality food place. Blah on them. I like the greasy eggs with the crappy coffee over what it is now.

    We did get some good breakfast, and I have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. Good times.