WTF Credit???

Credit scores, credit reports, building credit, credit in general is the most FRUSTRATING thing I have ever had to deal with.

Growing up I was told to stay the hell away from credit cards. “Don’t ever get one, they’re evil! you’ll plummet into debt and never be able to get out!”
I can’t say I really ever listened to my mom, but that was something, for some odd reason, that I took to heart.

I am almost 25 years old and have NEVER had a credit card. While I always thought this was a good thing, I am now realizing just how bad it is.

When I was 18 I had a car loan that I paid on time every damn month, and even paid it off early- that should be a good thing, right? No. It doesn’t even show up on my credit report. It never has. I’ve had apartments in my name, bills in my name, all kinds of things. You’d think those would show up wouldn’t you? Nope. Nothing.

I literally have NO credit history. And from everything i’m reading- no credit is WORSE than bad credit. How in the hell is that possible? Just because I haven’t racked up thousands on a mastercard, it means i’m more of a liability than someone who has?
Bunch of crap if you ask me.

When you apply for credit cards, you are a faceless number. They don’t care about your situation, they don’t care that you’re a good person who pays bills on time. They care about what their little report on their stupid computer screen tells them. If it tells them “no credit history,” you’re screwed.

That is the situation I have found myself in as of late. I’d like to get a credit card, not only to establish credit, but to buy a few things for the house that we can’t afford out of pocket at the moment.. and NO ONE wants to give me a credit card. What ever happened to the days of receiving “PRE APPROVED!” crap from credit card companies in the mail? I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those. I’m not sure I personally EVER got one, the mail was most likely for someone else.

How can I improve my credit score if I can’t get a card… anywhere? That just doesn’t make any logical sense.
And don’t you go and suggest one of those “secured” credit cards, where you have to put down a freaking deposit and PAY IT OFF before they’ll give you the money on a card. What kind of crap is that? Who has the money to do that??
Not me.

This whole thing is a bunch of bassackwards crap. GIMME A CARD!!!
Tonight is pity party night, but I think I have a right to be pissed off about this whole thing. I understand the purpose of a credit score- but it’s completely ridiculous to be treated like a lower class citizen just because you chose to pay in cash your whole life to avoid credit card debt.

Thanks for the sound advice, Mom!

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  • I believe that credit in general is completely screwed. you are right though. We have become the 1942 novel. Faceless numbers. Credit can honestly ruin a persons life; it also doesn’t help that our economy is pretty much crashing to the floor and all creditors have increased all of their standards.

    I just don’t know what you can do, screw secured credit cards. What sense does it make to pay out completely honest cash to get… your cash later!!?!?!??!

    Can someone hit the reset button already, I believe our lives have glitched.