What’s behind door #1?

Today we ventured out to look at a house listed as a 4 bedroom, 2 bath rent to own with a pool and a gazebo. In the pictures it looked beautiful , pristine even. Why this house was still on the market after at LEAST a month on it.. not to mention the offer to ‘triple your down payment’ amount probably should have rang some bells, I guess it sort of did but we figured it would still be worth a look. How bad could it be?

We thought maybe it was the area that was detracting people. Thomas thought it might be iffy, but was we drove through it- while it wasn’t what you’d consider a ‘ritzy’ area, it was quiet and seemed pretty decent.. so that couldn’t be the reason. Maybe it was just too expensive? The questions were beginning to pile up.

When we finally found the house after driving around not being able to find the road it was on.. the picture became a little more clear.
The outside of the house looked pretty… well.. shitty, to put it lightly. Perhaps because it hadn’t been lived in, who knows.
The ‘gazebo’ was hardly that. It was rotting, dilapidated and falling down. The pool was a huge in ground pool, HUGE. I’m not sure that in ground pools are supposed to have liners.. but there was something in that pool that looked like it was meant to be a liner that was falling off and torn.

All of these were bad signs. Again, we figured it was worth giving the house a look. The gazebo could (easily) be torn down, and the pool fixed.

When you open the front door to the house, you walk right into the living room. That room didn’t look bad. The walls were painted a nice shade of green. The fireplace looked nice. There was a ceiling fan that desperately needed to be re-hung because it was wiggling around like it wanted to fall and decapitate someone.
What got us was the smell. The over powering putrid stench of dog piss. Literally, the house smelled like a kennel. Possibly worse. We walk farther into the house, and realize the floors are not hardwood, they’re laminate. Not a big deal usually, but these were peeling up most likely water damage from dogs peeing all over the place.

The farther we got into the house, the more creeped out we got. It kind of felt like a house you see in a horror film. Dark, empty, musty… and the feeling that a rabid canine is going to jump out of the closet and bite your face off. I didn’t even like being there, I don’t know why we kept looking around. I guess to see if there was any redeeming factor in this crap hole.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t. The bedrooms stank just like the rest of the house, and the carpet looked like it was supposed to be new, but was stained and not stapled down correctly. There was a washer & dryer, but who knows if they worked. They looked beat to hell, just like the rest of the house.
The fourth bedroom? A converted garage, probably not even in code. And it smelled too.

I don’t know how someone lets a house go like that. How do you let it get that bad? I know this company buys foreclosed homes, and I keep hearing about how people who get foreclosed on just beat the ever loving hell out of their house because they can’t keep it.. so maybe it was that? Why wouldn’t the company go in the house and give it the TLC it needed though? Did they fix it up and then it sat there so long that the people looking at it (since you don’t need a realtor to look at those houses, long story) fucked it up because they could? Was the smell of piss the smell of mildew? I have no idea the answers to any of those questions.

It goes to show you that you never know what is behind the door to a house for sale/rent. It can look amazing from pictures, but isn’t that the point? To rope you in with amenities and pictures of a gorgeous home, so that you go and see it?
Then again, what’s the point in that if they know your hopes are only going to get crushed by the steaming pile of poop the house actually is?

I honestly don’t see how they’re going to sell that home without fixing everything, though. Unless they DRASTICALLY reduce the price. I’m certainly not going to move in there. HELL NO. Disappointment at its’ finest.

This made me nervous about the next house we were going to see (the house I actually want), luckily.. other than being in need of a good cleaning, it was nice, and didn’t smell like urine. Big sigh of relief.

Now, if we could get the non-pee smelling house.. all would be right with the world. Ok, not all.. but i’d be pretty damn happy.

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  • I don’t see why they think misrepresenting the house is going to get it sold any faster. People are going to come see it for what it is and then move on. It’s stupid to even try that mess and waste people’s time on top of that!! Our house was on the market two weeks before we found it and someone else had made an offer at the time too!

    Boo on liars, I say!! Retarded liars at that bc people are just going to come see it and then forget about it lol!!

    My mom now has my blog bookmarked and I’ve asked that she visit on a daily basis, haha!

  • if it had just said “in need of TLC”, the whole situation would be different. I wouldn’t have even looked.. because I am not handy, and don’t have the money to give any house TLC.

    houses around here seem to be on the market for a LONG time. The first we looked at wasn’t bad, just pricey.. apparently has been on the market for months and is STILL empty even though someone was in line to look at it right after us.

    The one we want will be put on the market tomorrow technically.. though it’s being advertised so I know other people have at least seen the listing. I’m hoping we’re first to get a stab at it, not that it will have any bearing because they’re obviously going to talk to more than one person.

  • We might just get lucky. They might see our situation and say… “Hey, they really deserve a good turn.” So, we can still keep our hopes up.

    I did like the second house, the number of minor things that we would like to do cosmetically, does not outweigh the major things that we would like to do. Some paint here or there, and taking out some little walls to open it up, if they let us, would actually increase the resale of the house itself.

    Let’s keep our hopes on full alert. Tomorrow should turn one way or another to atleast give us some idea of the future.