What have I gotten myself into???

By all logical reasoning, you would think that after countless nights and hours spent at the house, 2 10+ hour days (one with help, one without), and an all-nighter last night that the house would be done, right?
How is this possible?? How is there still SO much more to do? Sure, it’s nothing compared to when we started, we’ve made amazing progress, but there’s still more painting, more sanding, priming, second coating, taping left to do.
It doesn’t help that the tape is no longer sticking to the walls. Isn’t that what its’ purpose is?? What the hell am I spending $4 a roll on if it isn’t doing it’s tiny little job correctly? Not to mention i’ve already gone through something like 11 rolls of that shit. Totally ridiculous.

Even with the few days left until move in, and all the work we’ve accomplished, I still don’t think the house will be TOTALLY done when we move in on Sunday. Even with my canceling my hair appointment on Saturday (joy, I get to have ugly ghetto hair for another.. 5 weeks? I am not pleased) I still don’t think it will be totally complete. I could be surprised, and I hope I am, but I think the ‘bonus’ room will still be a work in progress when we move in.

I’m so ready to just sit back and relax and enjoy my newly painted house.. but Sunday seems like so far away, and we haven’t even started packing yet.
Kill me now.

Guess i’d better get ready to go, it’s going to be another LONG night tonight.

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