Sweet, disgusting pay back

For all the times I have been drooled, puked, pooped, peed and snotted on, ‘revenge’ has finally come around to Holden. I’m not really sure revenge is quite the right word i’m looking for, but it sounds good so i’m using it.

Holden has recently had this nasty habit of waking up INCREDIBLY early and screaming until we come and get him out of his crib. As i’ve said before, I am NOT a morning person, so of course the obvious choice is to just bring him into bed with us and snuggle the rest of the morning.. Sometimes he goes back to sleep, and sometimes he kicks and punches me in the stomach/face/boob until I finally decide to drag myself out of bed and take him downstairs to play.

On the rare occasion that Holden falls back asleep, of course I fall right back asleep with him. He isn’t a bed hog, he’s a mommy hog. He likes to put his head on my upper arm and snuggle his face right under mine. Bad idea, Holden, BAD IDEA.

I’d like to think i’m not normally one of those sleepers who drools all over their pillow during sleep, and my pillow is pretty clean to testify to that.. but when Holden is perched under my chin it’s a whole other ball game.

EVERY single time we fall asleep together, I wake up before him and find that I have somehow managed to droool all over the top of his head. Not a tiny bit of drool, but usually a pretty decent sized glob. Think, Lake Michigan sized.
I am always disgusted, because if I woke up with Thomas’ drool forming a lake on the top of my head i’d freak the hell out. Drool is disgusting and slimy.
Holden never seems to notice, he’s just happy to snuggle. Still, I can’t imagine he’d be too happy if he realized I was drooling all over him… then again, he might try to play with it- even nastier.

Damn, my kid is weird.

This is one of those memories i’ll have to share with him when he brings his first date home. This, and the memories of pulling poop out of his butt, and all the dimply-cheeked naked bath time pictures I have.
Sure, this one might be a little more embarrassing to me.. but it will be worth it. I don’t really have much shame left these days anyways.

Posted on January 16, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • LOL.

    That’s really all there is to say about this post. I mean, yeah, it’s a little embarrassing to you, but it is really funny. I feel like I deserve a little too. Puke, poop, pee, drool. I have gotten my fair share.

  • Keep the camera at your bedside and when it happens again…snap a pic. Even better revenge. LOL

    “When he was a toddler and would come sleep in bed with me in the mornings, I’d end up drooling this big puddle of drool on his head. Wait, I think I might actually have a picture of that…” Priceless! 😛