Sweat Equity

For those that don’t know, sweat equity is basically when the people you’re buying your home from give you money off of the price of the house to do repairs on your own. Repairing those things , fixing it up a little, puts instant equity into the home (which is a good thing).
There’s good reason it’s called “Sweat equity”.. it will literally MAKE YOU SWEAT. What a freaking pain. I never thought doing some minor repairs would be so tedious.

The painting alone will take days because our house has those old 50’s style knotty pine walls in two of the rooms. Some people love them.. I am not one of those people. I find it absolutely HIDEOUS and it darkens the entire room. My brother loves to say that people have paid him in the past to refinish wood walls.. I can’t see that. For me, it’s a detractor. Fugly would be the perfect word to describe it. Reminds me of an old mobile home.. and I don’t want to feel like i’m living in an old mobile home when I am not.
Now, with these heinous wood walls.. they not only have to be sanded, but primed, and THEN painted, twice. I don’t own a sander, or have the money to rent one- so that means hand sanding for me. YAY!

Since most of the rooms are really ugly colors like pink and purple, they’re going to have to be primed first as well.

I’d really love to live in the future and be able to press a freaking button and get the walls the exact colors I want. That would be fantastic. Or maybe even just more friends willing to help me paint in return for pizza and drinks. Gotta love when people offer and then flake.

If it weren’t for my dad, though, I don’t think we’d even have had the money to buy the paint. I seriously had no idea how expensive it was! Then again, I had told him about a HUGE paint sale going on and he decided to wait until it was over due to time constraints. It would have saved a LOT of money. I feel bad he spent so much, but I appreciate that he loves my family enough to want us to live in a nice house and not this crap hole.

If you’re reading this and live in my area, HELP ME!! You have no idea how much I need it!
I wouldn’t mind working on the house alone during the day.. but I have Holden so that’s an impossibility. So it’s only night time working until the weekend.. and I do NOT want to be in an empty house alone at night. Creepy!

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  • Imagine the noises you’d here being in a nearly empty house at night all alone. Oh, where my mind would go.

    That’s great your dad was willing to help out with the paint!! He any good at painting? 😛

  • probably better than me, seeing as I have VERY little experience painting walls. Last thing I painted was a cheap walmart dresser, which looks pretty fabulous if I do say so myself.

    My brother, who used to be a prof. painter has all kinds of opinions I don’t agree with but I think he’ll be helping out on Saturday

  • BOOOOOO comment box cleared itself.

    The house isn’t so creepy with the music on. I did however look over my should a number of times, but that was probably due in part to the garage door being open when I got there. Creeppppppyyyy.

    Though, the alarm would make a noise if any doors or windows were to open, so its not so bad.

    Man, we have a lot of work ahead.

    LOL @ If you seek Amy.