Lately i’ve been wondering if i’m a low-grade pack rat or perhaps even a hoarder. There’s so much stuff sitting around this house that I haven’t touched in FOREVER, yet I can’t seem to get rid of it. It doesn’t go as far as what you see on those TLC shows where people can’t even enter their bedrooms or keep their homes up to fire code because of the loads of crap stacked in 8ft tall piles, but my closets are pretty full of ridiculous junk.
I’d say some of it is due to laziness, but a lot is due to sentimentality. I don’t really even consider myself a sentimental person, but it lurks under the surface and forces me to keep things I don’t need or don’t use because i’m attached to them in some way or another.

Recently, for instance, i’ve gone through the house, selling things on Craigslist that we don’t need. Baby clothes i’ve been holding onto because I couldn’t bear to get rid of them.. and then I started digging into my music stuff.
Back when I used to play shows ‘professionally’, I bought all the things necessary to play shows, and then some. I have everything someone could need. 5 guitars, merchandise, a HUGE expensive acoustic amp.. the list goes on and on.
Since I got pregnant with Holden, the music has come to a screeching halt. Some of my equipment hasn’t been touched in well over 2 years, so I started thinking “what could I bear to part with to make some extra money?”
Out of 5 of my guitars, only ONE could I ever imagine selling.. it’s my least favorite and least played, and I don’t see myself missing it or passing it on to Holden when he gets older. So I listed it. Unfortunately it’s not in high demand so I searched through some things some more, and decided to list my fantastic amp just to see what happened.

No bites for a while, and then yesterday I got an email offering $500 for it. Less than i’d listed it for, but upon talking to musician friends they told me that was a good offer, so I started seriously thinking about selling it.
It made me a little sad, all i’d been through with the amp, how awesome it is… Then again, it’s dusty and hasn’t been touched since we moved here- and I honestly don’t know if and/or when i’ll even use it again since it’s huge and heavy and LOUD, and you don’t need an amp to make an acoustic guitar sound nice (as opposed to electrics).

Based upon that, I made my decision to sell it, and it’s now gone- leaving a huge gap in Holden’s room (where it’s been stored for 2 years), and my wallet is now extremely fat. $500 in 20’s!

I’m not feeling too sad about it, as I can’t wait to go and buy new doors and lighting fixtures for the house.

Now all we have to worry about is NOT defaulting on any of our payments and getting kicked out of a house we just sunk a ton of money into. What a disaster that would be. I’d probably take my new doors with me!

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