The search continues

Looking for a house is becoming increasingly frustrating. Not because i’m not excited to do it, but because the area I live in is so incredibly confusing.

Take where I live now for instance. My neighborhood is safe. I’m comfortable walking around our complex at night. It’s quiet and family oriented.
Go out to the main road and cross it into the apartment complex.. NOT an area you want to be in. Not at all! I wouldn’t feel safe driving through there at night, much less living there.. and it’s right across the freaking street.

That’s what it’s like for this entire area. You could be living in an incredibly nice area, and just two streets over is the super-ghetto- don’t ever leave your car unlocked type area.

I’ve read posts online from people saying NEVER to even live in my city. I think that’s extreme.. but it makes you think.

While I know my current city pretty well (not well enough though), we’re looking at other cities to move to as well- and unfortunately we have to be extremely cautious about where we consider living.

It sucks. I wish I could say we could move anywhere and not have to worry about being ass-raped, but… I can’t exactly say that. Even when you see pictures of a super nice house, it does NOT mean that it’s in an area you would be safe in. The cost of rent for a 3 bedroom house says a lot about the area it’s in. The cheaper it is, the more you have to worry about what you’d be getting yourself into.

The most important thing to me when looking for a new house is that the area is nice. If we’re renting, i’m not too concerned with school systems because we can move to an area with better ones.. but the truth is most of the school systems here SUCK unless you live where my Dad lives, and that’s WELL beyond our means.

I’m not giving up hope. I have this feeling we’ll end up finding SOMETHING.. the question is- where will it be?
I don’t like the idea of moving across the water and being far away from my Dad and brother, but houses there are MUCH more affordable. Why? I will never know.

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  • There is a lot that goes into this. Maybe we should have started a month ago, beginning of December or something. Good thing we didn’t try to take that Carrithers place… we hear more and more horror stories about it.

    Looks like I am going to have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow.

    I know we will find something, I just hope that everything works out before we have to leave our current residence.

  • Yeah, it’s weird how areas are like that. Kinda like our house-it looks decent around here, yet you go down a side road and around a curve where you’ll see a bunch of dilapidated trailers and houses that need to be fixed up…probably straight in front of us way across on the other side of the field lol.

    I’m glad you haven’t given up. I hope you’ll find something soon!

  • thats pretty much where i live now…nice/ok neighborhood but 2 blocks over/down and its the ghetto…crime rating way up! so much so that we’ve had to get video survaillence. what city would that be?

  • Wow Jenny, I’ve been following your blog for some time (since I was on JM) and I have to ask, CAN WE TALK!!?! We’re relocating to the H.R.’s area in October and now I’m REaLLY nervous! We are going to be stationed at VB but are going down to look at houses on January 6th. I just requested you on myspace =)