Ohh Amy Winehouse

I’ll admit it- I read tabloid websites all the time. Every day there’s a new picture of Amy Winehouse being totally out of control because of her addictions.
Crawling on floors, stealing drinks from people, jumping in random cars. I can’t understand how she hasn’t REALLY gotten help yet.
She claims she’s gone to rehab, but I honestly don’t think she did- and if she did, it certainly wasn’t for long enough and it definitely had no effect.

Her family is probably worried sick, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything anyone can do, it’s beyond the point of no return- which is sad.

When someone needs help with substance abuse, and I mean serious help- the best thing you can do is refer them to private drug rehab ASAP,
And not all are the best. I’ve heard of so many claiming miracle work, and when people are released they go right back to how they were.

Check out Promises Rehab Center, get your friends and loved ones the help they deserve.
Addiction runs rampant in my family, a few members of my family died far too young from overdosing on drugs. Don’t let it get that far with yours. It may not seem like your place to step in, but if you don’t- no one else might either.

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