No more stairs!!

When we were looking for a place to move into, I was about 2 months pregnant so we had to consider Holden. Did we want just one floor, or two floors? One bathroom, or 1.5?

In my wacky preggo mind, I had come to the conclusion that a two floor townhouse would be better than a flat so that we could “get away from Holden” every now and then. It sounds bad. but I figured we’d want our own space when he was in bed, and if we were downstairs, he wouldn’t be able to hear us so we could be ‘loud.’
Also, I didn’t want to be dragging my fat pregnant ass up and down stairs just to take the massive amounts of pees I was taking, and the 1 bathroom townhouse’s single bathroom was upstairs.
1.5 bath townhouse it was.

Early on, I realized this was a bad decision. With Holden’s room (and changing table) being upstairs, it meant I was lugging him up and down stairs multiple times per day. At first, we hung out a lot in my bedroom. It made everything easier having Holden’s room across the hallway, and a bathroom in said hallway. That, and Holden refused to nap downstairs because of how drafty and bright it is. Case of cabin fever for two, please!

Once Holden became mobile, it was impossible to stay in the bedroom all the time. We had a few incidents of him taking plunges off of the bed, and after that it was time to move our operation downstairs. While it was safer, it became a shitload more legwork. If I tried to change him downstairs, he’d freak out and try to roll/crawl away.. so that meant carrying his heavy butt up and down the stairs once again- except now he wasn’t a newborn, he was 27+ lbs of chunky baby mass.

When we started looking for houses, instantly we gravitated towards ranchers. No more stairs! No more worrying about carrying a little person up and down stairs! No more worrying about baby getting NEAR the stairs. Win win win situation.

I can’t wait to get out of this townhouse for so many reasons. The laziest being the freakin’ stairs. Right now being the worst because my thighs are KILLING me from two 10+ hour days of painting, which entailed a lot of crouching and bending and squatting.
Needless to say, I did not work out today.. and I don’t plan on working out again until we move in. Painting is enough exercise for me, thank you very much. I’m sure my thighs will thank me later.

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  • I can’t imagine having to lug a kid up and down stairs after doing that much painting! My legs are sore from working out for just two hours. I don’t even want to feel what you’re feeling! I don’t blame you for skipping the workout. I’m sure the painting counts!!

  • I will be very glad to get rid of the stairs. No more having to worry about toddler Holden climbing out of his crib/bed at night and taking a nice little tumble down our long as stairwell. WHEW!!!! Dodged that bullet. And the face that we don’t have to worry about Holden waking up because of the CREEEEAAAKKINNGGG!

    Damn, it’s going to be nice. I wouldn’t worry too much about that Fossil Butte by the way. If we really really don’t like it after a while, we can always buy three more gallons of paint and recover the walls.