My love/hate relationship with Craigslist

Up until about a week ago, i’d never even visited Craigslist’s website. I’d heard about it, but mostly what i’d heard is people prostituting themselves out on there. Hilarious, but strange. I’m not even a huge Ebay user.

Now that we’re looking for things for our house, and can’t afford new, i’ve been directed to Craigslist by dozens of people for our housing needs. I seriously had no idea that not only could you find a home to rent off of CL, but buy appliances, clothes, dogs, everything you can imagine. Since I have no problem with hand me downs and 2nd-hand things, it’s the perfect place to go.

Today we scored a mini-jackpot. Washer, dryer, couch and coffee table for under $200.00 total all from different people. They were a pain in the ass to pick up (ask Thomas), but the washer and dryer ended up being a matched set. How often does that happen?? Especially from two totally different people.
The downside? Right after we’d bought all of these things, I was scanning the household section for more stuff we need and saw matching washer & dryer sets, in our city (the dryer we got today was about 20 miles away), for around $150. Damn. Would have saved us a long car ride and a lot of hassle, even if it costed a couple bucks extra.
No use crying over spilled milk, right?

In an attempt to make some extra money to help pay for all of these things we need- i’ve also started listing things for sale on craigslist. TONS of things. A guitar, a really nice amp, ALL kinds of baby clothes and accessories that i’ve been hoarding for forever.. for reasons unknown to me (sentimentality, maybe?).
The only thing to sell the first few days? Bibs. Seriously, bibs. Out of EVERYTHING else I listed, the bibs got snatched up really quickly. I get really anxious waiting for stuff to sell, and thinking about things I can buy with the money I make from them (light fixtures, new bathroom sink, etc), but I think with CL, patience is a virtue. So much crap gets listed that yours might not even get seen for a few days. I think I listed some really nice stuff for really cheap (as in, I could make more from Ebay, but don’t have the time to wait), but perhaps other people don’t agree? No clue.
Today I sold a bag of footie-pjs for $10. That’s $10 more than I had before, can’t complain!

Then tonight, the holy grail of emails pops up in my inbox. Someone wants to buy EVERYTHING I listed (baby stuff, that is). My jaw drops. AWESOME! I sent her back the price of the full lot (and even gave her 10% off for taking it all), and now i’m in the wait for a reply to see if she wants it all. Crossing my fingers, that’s for sure.

While Craigslist has been a source of frustration (ie: someone selling a washer they’d promised me the day before I was supposed to get it, thanks, douche!).. I think all in all it’s pretty awesome.
A seemingly never ending source of hilarity and cheap goodies. If you’re ever bored, check out the “casual encounters” or “missed connections” sections for a good chuckle or two. Or no-strings-attached mindless sex, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Happy hunting, and use a condom!!

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