My first Baby-less Day

Believe it or not, from birth until now, the most time I have ever spent away from Holden is a few hours tops. He’s only been babysat three times in his whole life (one of those times was only for about 10 minutes, so i’m not sure if that even counts).
Today was my first and only full day away from Holden. He stayed home with Thomas while I painted thew new house (since i’d recruited everyone to help, it was only fitting that I be there), and for Thomas, it was his first full day alone with Holden. A day of firsts!

It sort of felt like I was missing a limb. I’m so used to having Holden around constantly that I almost feel naked without him. It’s probably lucky that I was non-stop moving from 9am-8pm and Thomas and Holden came to visit once through the day or i’d start having withdrawals.
It’s not until you’re away from something all day that you realize how much you miss it. Obviously, people miss children, it’s natural, but being that i’d never been away from him for very long it wasn’t anything i’d experienced before. I’m glad I don’t work, I really don’t think I could stand being away from him for this long every single day.

Although, it didn’t help the situation any when I call Thomas and I hear Holden giggling like a maniac in the background, and Thomas is proclaiming what a blast they’re having.
I realize it’s probably because they don’t get to spend much one-on-one time together that they have so much fun without me- but it still stings a little bit. I’m pretty sure Holden and I take advantage of having eachother around so much and grate on eachother’s nerves because we spend so much time together.

By the time I got home tonight, it was late, and time to take a shower with Holden.. which means, he tries to dance in the bottom of the tub while i’m trying to make sure he doesn’t crack his baby head open.. I rarely got to spend any time with him, made me a little sad.

It’s nice to have a break every now and then, and the work i’m doing on the house is totally necessary.. but I can NOT wait until it’s done, we’re moved in, and can finally get back to normal. Tomorrow will be another day like today, not sure my back can handle this!

Did I mention that we’re scheduled to move on Superbowl Sunday? Awesome, that means we’re going to get hardly ANY help. Should be interesting.

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  • This is some intense work we are doing. Painting an 8.5 room house is not exactly easy (.5 for the hallway). Priming, coating, second coating, windows, doors, baseboards. WHEW!!!!

    I get sad sometimes when you call me at work and say that Holden is having good time with something, or just laughing, etc. It’s sad because you want to be there to see it and do it too. However, I do get those other calls where Holden is being a complete asshole. Those I dont miss.

  • You are going to enjoy your house so much more though with all of the work you’re putting into it. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the inside after you’re done!!

    Did it seem like everyone had a good time painting?! I know what you mean about being away from your kid. You get so used to being WITH them that it feels awkward to be without them!! It is nice to get away sometimes though!

  • Not when they were stuck alone in a room painting, but once we all got together it was a blast and didn’t even notice we were doing work.

    Today by myself.. not fun. not fun at all.