Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a slapper

One of the top things I had hoped for my child never do to, it is to slap. Children that slap or hit their parents infuriate me beyond all reason. Those are the kids you see on the Super Nanny shows, controlling the house and the parents can’t do or say anything to stop it.

When Holden was younger, the ‘slapping’ was kind of cute, only because I knew he wasn’t doing it to be mean, he didn’t really even know what he was doing at all. You can’t discipline a child who is too young to understand the word ‘no.’ It serves no purpose other than to give your kid a complex.

Holden understands ‘no’, I actually feel like he understands most of the things I say to him even though he can’t communicate back (for the most part) in english.

Right now I feel like he’s going through the ‘terrible 2s’ phase already. He is stubborn, he hates not getting his way.. he throws fits over absolutely nothing (literally, half the time I can’t figure out what the hell he’s screaming about).
Most of that I can handle pretty easily.. but for the past few days, he’s started slapping me. If I get anywhere close to his face, even if to just pick up a toy he’s flung, he tries to slap me.
Even worse is that today he has gone OUT of his way to stop what he’s doing, walk up to me, and slap my leg. When he gets mad, he starts shaking his arm around in full slap-attack mode, just hoping to get a good hit in.

This is not acceptable.

How the hell do you get a kid to stop slapping? If you pop them on the hand for slapping, or pop their butt- isn’t that just encouraging slapping, starting an unwanted vicious cycle of slap fights? I tell him no, and he just gets more angry and tries even harder. It is infuriating.
I really wish I could stick his dimply ass in a corner and give him a good ol’ fashioned time out- but c’mon, do you really think he would stay there? Hell no he wouldn’t!

I’m tempted to just lock him in his playpen (aka baby prison) and let him sit there until he unwinds.. but to be honest, I don’t want to deal with hearing the screaming i’m sure would inevitably happen by me doing that.

On the positive side, if he isn’t trying to bitch slap me like an angry pimp, he’s giving me kisses. Kid isn’t a lover OR a fighter, he’s both. Funny how he can go from slapping me to trying to snuggle my leg and then giving me kissies.

If I could stop the slapping, i’d be pretty pleased with how he’s growing up. Kid’s a real sweetheart when he isn’t cocking his arm back in hopes of making hand-to-cheek contact.

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  • I am right there with you, kyra is the same way. I think she’s going through the T2s as well. Screaming her lungs out because she couldnt grab a piece of chicken from my hand the first time or for no reason at all. I hate it. I hope its over soon.

  • Oh lordy, food wars. I don’t even wanna go there!!! Dinner tonight was totally out of control.

  • I really don’t like the slapping either, but sometimes I do egg it on. I should stop.

    I am getting very frustrated with this whole not using the potty, not eating, and whining all the time thing. ITS INFURIATING. Just soooo want him to understand, and comprehend what to do, and when to do so.

    Hopefully, he will be in full conversation mode soon enough!

  • Ally will come up to us out of no where and just slap our legs and say, “Unh!” LOL

    We are definitely not advocates of the “pop their hands” bunch. I do believe it leads to them hitting back bc they see you doing it. I do allow her to “give me five” though.

  • I just wanted to say. I also think that slapping the hand to tell them no when they slap you seems hypocritical. I am a beliver in the flick. Yes if my son is doing something that I don’t approve of, I will flick his hand. You see, it will be a long time before your child will be able to master the flick.

  • the flick! I’ve never heard that, what a good idea!