Isn’t this supposed to be reversed?

When you start the tedious process of potty-training, you go into it with a lot of pipe dreams. You set a time line, thinking “Ok, I want my kid potty trained by this age”.. well, for most people it just doesn’t happen that way. You can sit your kid on that potty and try to teach them to actually USE it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen.
The most exciting part next to not having to wipe caked on gloopy poop off of a child’s ass (and balls, if you have a boy) is the notion that you’ll start using less diapers.
Less diapers means spending less money, always a good thing in my book.

At first it seemed like things were moving in that direction for us. He’d pee and poop on the potty a few times a day (this was after about a month of doing nothing), so there were less diaper changes to make. Sometimes i’d even get lucky and by the next potty time his diaper was still clean. SCORE!

Lately, things are not going as much in our favor. We actually seem to be using MORE diapers. This makes for frustration and sad faces.
When you put your kid on the potty who already has a dirty diaper and they don’t do anything on said potty.. then put a diaper back on them only to have them immediately crap in it- that’s three diapers in a row. Holden has become the phantom pooper at times and loves to start pooping as soon as I turn my back.. probably so I don’t catch him and stick him on the potty.

Definitely a “grrrr” moment if there ever was one. Now instead of around 5-ish diapers a day (depending on amount of poop passed), it’s become more like 8-10. Twice as many! It’s like having a newborn all over again.

I try not to get mad because honestly, most people aren’t potty training this early- so it’s technically my fault for going through so many damn diapers, but if I said it wasn’t frustrating i’d be lying.

I’m pretty sure i’ve said it before- but I can not understand why potty training has to be so damn hard. NO ONE can tell me sitting in their own shit and piss is fun.. unless they’re crazy and/or senile. It’s just wrong. WRONG!!!
I live for the day Holden tugs on my pant leg and says “Mommy, I have to poop!”
.. more than likely he’ll say ‘shit’ though.

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  • I KWYM. Not much more we can do at this point. I just always tell Ally to put poop in the potty and if we can, toss the poop in there and she says bye to it haha. Something was smelly yesterday, so I asked her if she went poop and she ran to the bathroom…sure enough, so we put it in the potty and said good riddance lol! She was BARELY wet, so I put her on the potty and she peed!

    I am just going to keep taking her a few times a day until she learns the words and then get really serious from there! Hope Holden eases up with the poop! I know one day, Ally went in her diaper 3-4 times and I never could catch her! 😛

  • I think it works in stages or something. We have similar issues here. I bought her some underwear and that has been helping a little bit, but for the most part she pees on the floor and will poop on the potty. It’s progress though!