I’m not drinking the water

Lately, everyone is pregnant, EVERYONE. I will get into that more later, but anything and everything i’m selling on craigslist that has to do with babies is selling like hotcakes. Not that my stuff is anything fabulous, but people are in desperate need of Strollers , Baby Cribs and Maternity Clothes.

Most of my Maternity clothes were not ACTUAL maternity clothes. Just from stores I liked in a bigger size. There are a few websites who have clothes that actually look like they’ll fit women who aren’t built like lumberjakcs while they’re pregnant.

The one I linked above has some of THE cutest pregnancy jeans i’ve ever seen (and I had a lot of issues with finding jeans that fit me without that heinous tummy band). Pricey, but you won’t be uncomfortable squeezing yourself into stretch jeans.
For baby boys, they have amazing rompers (you know i’m a fan of those) and hoodies. Wish i’d known about this site before giving birth! It would have saved me a lot of stress and a lot of fruitless shopping excursions.

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