If I were still working..

The one thing I would want for my desk is a Digital Photo Frame.

The prices always seem too high, and putting pictures onto the frame seems like a huge pain. With the Ceiva digital photo frame, it’s easy. You buy the digital photo frame, that comes with a one year plan for 129.99 and you can upload pictures to your frame from your home computer. Simple! And how cool that you can have new pictures on your frame with just the click of a button? Not just from your computer, but you can do it from your phone as well. The frame can hold 50 pictures to scroll through at a time.

It wouldn’t just be a cool thing to have for yourself, but to buy for a family member who lives far away to keep them updated with your family easily. My grandparents definitely aren’t the least bit computer savvy, so sending them pictures via the internet is basically pointless- but to send pictures straight to a picture frame would be totally ideal. And i’m sure it would make them incredibly happy to have new pictures as soon as I took them and uploaded them.

Funny thing is, the Ceiva digital photo frame goes for about the same price as a digital photo frame you’d buy at a place like Target, except those don’t have the option to email pictures to them.
Strange how things like that work out.


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