I want candy!

I’ve had the sweet tooth from hell lately. I’m not normally a candy eater at all, but I get into moods where I just want something sweet like Laffy Taffy or something chewy and fun. Unfortunately because I grind my teeth I can’t really chew gum, but it doesn’t stop me from buying a candy bar or something like that. Reeses are my absolute favorite.

There are some websites online that you can buy Bulk Candy from for pretty cheap. YUM! It’s for the ultimate sweet tooth though. I’m not sure what i’d do with that much candy, but it would be perfect for Halloween.

I like to take trips back to my child hood and chew on things like Mike & Ikes or a good ol’ Abba Zabba every now and then. Reeses Nutrageous bars are another good one.. until I developed a slight peanut allergy. Talk about hell!
That doesn’t stop me from eating Reeses on occasion. It just doesn’t get better than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. And their peanut butter is beyond perfect. Or how about the tooth-sticking deliciousness of a Butterfinger?
I’m making myself hungry just talking about it! Had a small dinner.. bad idea!

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