I never want to see Fossil Butte again!

It probably doesn’t need to be said that I have never owned my own home before. Renting isn’t bad, if you have good landlords, but you are restricted on a lot of things you can do. Can you paint? Sure, but it has to be painted back white when you move out.. and for me that’s been a real detractor, because i’d rather not have a billion things to fix when I move out of an apartment/townhouse.
Basically, we’ve been stuck with white walls in this place for 2 years. Even longer if you consider all the places I have lived before here since I was 18, that I didn’t paint because it was a rental.

Being able to paint an entire house the colors I want, for once in my life, has been awesome… well, other than the actual job of PAINTING. Allow me to rephrase: PICKING colors for my house has been awesome. I painstakingly browsed websites, color books, idea books for the perfect colors for our walls. I decided I didn’t want ANY WHITE WALLS, because i’m so sick of them. I relented a bit on that when it came to a few of the kitchen walls, but NO other wall will be white.
I see houses on flipping shows with walls the perfect modern shade of tan. All the other walls, and accent walls were basically a cinch to pick out- the tan? Not so much. I was torn between three. One.. I forget why we threw out, I think Thomas didn’t like it. So we were between a dark tan color, and a light tan color.
After talking for a bit, we decided the light tan was too pink-ish so we threw it out and went with a color called “Fossil Butte.” It was rich, a little dark, but not too dark.. a little brown.. We loved it. I’d seen pictures of it on walls, and the color swatch, and both looked pretty damn good to me..

I think my walls may disagree. In bright sunlight, it’s pretty good looking… Once the sun goes down it turns green. Baby shit green. I don’t hate the color, I still think it looks nice- but the fact that it’s pretty different from the color I had seen, throws off my accent walls. Not that I think they’ll clash, but I don’t think they’ll go as perfectly together as they would if the color had turned out right.
Stupid Home Depot!!! They don’t even mix by hand anymore.. so the computer must have glitched and poured green into my paint. Grrr.
Now, I realize paint looks different in different lights, it never looks the same as it does in the book and all that jazz- but due to the fact that all 3 paint cans we got of Fossil Butte are a slightly different shade leads me to believe it was computer error. One can greenish, one can dark tan, one can a lighter tan. WTF Home Depot Computer-Automated-Paint-Mixer???

Today, alone, I painted the second coat of the Fossil-BUTT paint all over the house. I do have to say it looks better.. but I think i’ll always be a little chaffed about it not turning out how I wanted.

For those of you looking to re-paint your entire house? Hire a crew. Save yourself the soreness and hire a freaking crew!!!

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  • Ugh…now I’m worried. DH is laid off so while he’s collecting unemployment and looking for a job, I figured I’d take some inspiration from you and put him to work painting. One of the colors I’ve picked out is “cafe au lait”…a tan/light brown. I do not want it to turn funky colors at night!

  • if you can afford it, buy test paint and test it on a wall first!