Happy Birthday to me?

Only not such a happy birthday this time around. Yes, i’m alive and healthy- but i’m completely irate.
I don’t even know what to type i’m so angry, and it’s all because of Dominion Virginia Power who has long-since surpassed the incompetent-idiot mark.

Power at the new house was supposed to be turned back on today. It’s too bad they didn’t tell us LAST NIGHT on the phone in a pitch black house that we’d need to turn all our breakers to the ‘off’ position or power wouldn’t be able to be restored. Gee, thanks!
So when they supposedly went to turn the power on, couldn’t happen, all because the moron on the phone failed to tell us the proper action to take.

We call, and bitch them out accordingly, and they claim it will be resubmitted and turned on soon.
Hours pass, it gets dark, all my help goes home, and still no power. We call again, they claim it’s been resubmitted but it’s at the ‘bottom of the pile’- gee thanks, morons!
Hours pass, still no power.
We call AGAIN, except this time, their customer service is closed.

9:30pm rolls around, Thomas goes to the house to check the power since there’s no one we can ask to see if it’s been turned on or not. Nope. Nothing.

He calls again, and this time chooses the option that says there’s been an outage.. and speaks to someone who claims to be in ‘higher authority’- and you know what she says? The ticket was never resubmitted.
Thanks a lot, fucking pricks! So every single person we talked to before straight up lied to us, way to do your job correctly.
She also claims that since she is in ‘high authority’ she will move us to the top of the list to get the power turned on, and will call us directly when it is.

It’s now 10:30pm, no work has been done on the house in TWO fucking days, and i’m watching the slight chance I had to finish the house before we have to move in go straight out the window, all thanks to complete and total incompetency.
No call, no power, no nothing.
IF and WHEN the power gets turned on, i’m going to have to spend ALL fucking night there doing the bare minimum just to catch us up enough to have to completely bust our asses for the next 2 days to TRY and get things ready.

Happy Birthday to me. What an awesome birthday it will be, spending a night alone in a freezing house desperately trying to finish painting, because no one will babysit Holden so that Thomas can help me.

Posted on January 29, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • Aww that sucks big time. I hate having to call anyone to report problems…power companies, credit cards, health insurance. No one EVER seems to know what they are doing. Hopefully things will all be worth it like a month from now, and you should celebrate your birthday on different day to make up for it (like I am doing tomorrow night, 4 days late!).

  • I do wish I lived closer so I could help you, but I fear I’d give you all the stomach bug. That wouldn’t be much fun either…

    I hope things start turning around for you! Stupid power company!