"Global warming my ass"

Straight from the mouth of my Dad. A month ago at Christmas I may have disagreed, as it was somewhere in the upper 60’s and even 70’s and you didn’t even need a coat to stand outside… but the weather has taken a turn for freezing and isn’t looking back.

In the spirit of full disclosure- I HATE winter time. I hate snow, I hate sleet, wind, rain.. I think I just dislike weather in general. If it could be 75 and sunny all year long, I would be the happiest person on earth. I only lived in California for about 8 months but I swear that spoiled me to the point of no return.
No humidity, 100 degrees didn’t feel like 100 degrees, sunny and fantastic for most of the year, NO MOSQUITOS.. to come back to wacky ass Virginia weather where it’s 70 one day and 20 the next. Snows one day and is sunny and warm a day later. Huge nasty blood-sucking bugs.

It’s totally miserable here, to put it lightly. I probably shouldn’t be complaining seeing as it’s in the negative degrees in the northern states, but my spoiled ass is used to mild winters.

For ONE years, i’d love it to be warm on my birthday (the 30th of this month), that is not going to happen. It’s also most likely going to be freezing on moving day too, YAY!
That’s probably better than sweltering heat trying to move a townhouse full of furniture, but having frozen knuckles and red runny noses while moving doesn’t sound like a joyous time either.

You know it’s cold when Holden, who HATES wearing hats and hoods and shakes his head violently whenever we try and get him to wear one, will not only willingly wear his winter hat- but also the hood from his coat over that without even trying to pull them off.

I can’t wait for sunny spring to come along again. I’m sure Holden can’t either- the most sunlight he gets right now is through the sliding glass back door. Kid is paler than me.. and that’s NOT an easy thing to accomplish.

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  • I’m ready for some warmer weather too and I used to love winter. I used to love any excuse to cover up lol!! Now I want it warmer so I can take Ally outside and not have to put MY mittens on her bc we don’t have any for her. 😛

  • no mittens here either. I figured, what’s the point in buying something I KNOW he won’t tolerate wearing?

    I know if I’M miserable outside, he’ll be even more miserable. Picky child.

  • I don’t like the cold or wet either. They both suck real bad. I can’t do things that I like to do.

    Soon enough it should be warmer…

    Let’s hope that damn groundhog doesn’t “see his shadow”. Biggest rumor EVER!