Getting things done: Mission impossible?

Getting everything done that needs to be done in the next few weeks before moving is already a hard task. There’s so much to do, from buying supplies to cleaning to fixing to painting- all on a time line.. Working around Holden’s schedule makes it that much harder.

Being that he takes one LONG nap in the middle of the day, a cramp gets put on any plans we make. If we go out early (and we are NOT morning people), we have to make sure to get time in home for Holden to nap. Usually this means that we rush, or don’t have time to do all the things we planned to do.. or miss things. Sometimes all of the above.
After Holden’s nap is lunch time, and it would be an understatement to say he dawdles through eating. By the time all of that is done it’s somewhere around 4pm.
The thought starts crossing my mind that “shit it’s already late..” and another mad rush has to be made before snack time and dinner time.
Sometimes snack time can be done outside of the house- but it gets pretty messy and food starts flying at random strangers. They laugh, but you know they don’t actually think it’s funny when a slobbery banana piece plops on their shoe or hits them in the chest.

I hate to put it this way- but toddlers seriously put a cramp in running errands and getting shit done in a timely manner. As infants, you can just stick them in a carrier and move them around like a purse. They’ll sleep.. wake up.. play.. all in the comfort of that wonderful little seat.
Toddlers require a booster seat, which you have to take them in and out of, putting them in a cart.. dealing with them getting bored while you’re browsing wherever the hell you happen to be shopping.. or trying to keep them still if you happen to be in a waiting room (not an easy thing to do). Just a huge pain. I still haven’t figured out how to get around comfortably with Holden. He’s a mad man.. an extremely heavy mad man. I’m not sure i’ll ever quite master it. By the time I do get the hang of running errands with him, he’ll be old enough for me not to have to carry him around everywhere.

Days like today make me seriously wish our house was move in ready. Actually, I wish that every day. Blah.

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  • I really don’t want to clean, paint, hang, stick, etc. But we have to do what we have to do. I like the ability to do it ourselves, but at the same sense, I don’t want to do it MYSELF.

    I believe that we will like the house. And, even if we cannot make all the changes we want today, we will eventually have it where we want it. Hopefully, before the appraisal, so that we can get instant equity in the house.

  • Oh definitely…we normally have to leave the house by 8-9 am to be back by 11 (Emily’s usual meltdown time) and sometimes if it gets to 9:30 I feel like it’s not even worth it to try to go out. I can’t imagine her being 8 years old and able to….you know, hop in the car with me and just go out!

    I wish so badly now that I had just found a way to paint/fix up this house before we moved all the way in. As hard as it would be to drag Em around to finally buy curtains and paint it will be even harder to get it done with her in the house. You’re doing it the right way- get through it, get it all done now and it’ll be worth it!

  • I’m sure it will be well worth it in the end!! I hope y’all can figure something out about how to do it around Holden. Could one of you go in and do a sweep of the place? Maybe you could pack the playpen and a bag of toys for him… Idk, just trying to make a helpful suggestion lol!

  • Playpen? I hear crap all of the time for not using one…so I suppose that they actually serve some sort of purpose.