Elbow grease, where are you?

In order to get 7k dollars off of the price of our new house, there are a few things we had to agree to do ourselves. Nothing i’m super excited about.. but hey, it’s 7k, right?

For one, the house needs to be scrubbed SO BADLY. I’m not talking taking a swiffer to the floor, but getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the bejeezus out of it. The people who lived there previously really didn’t clean up much. I can’t tell if the floor needs to be refinished, or if it’s just dirt. Probably both. I can deal with it needing to be refinished (it’s all hardwood), can just put area rugs over it and deal with it for a while.. but the dirt is outrageous. And I hate cleaning. HATE IT. Especially cleaning OTHER peoples’ messes up. Grosses me out.
What’s funny is I think the bathroom is the cleanest room in the house, i’m surprised and relieved by that.
They did let their dog leave us a nice little treat in the bonus room (or as I like to call it: man cave). By treat I mean poop. Awesome, right? I so look forward to cleaning up petrified jack russel terrier shit.

I’ll definitely feel much better about the house once it’s cleaned up..


The other thing we had to agree to do is paint the walls. Some of them are in good condition. The living room is a fantastic shade of sage (i’m not being sarcastic, it’s my favorite color).. but then you walk into the dining room and it’s pink. Pepto Bismol pink. It makes me want to vomit. It goes all the way down the damn hallway. That color can not stay. It makes my insides want to curl up and die. I’m not a fan of pink on walls (my mother would smack me, she loved pink on walls) in the slightest. Yuccckkkkk.
Then the PEACH bedroom, wtf? peach?? Or the crayon marks throughout the other ones. I might try the magic erase thingie mabobber, but i’m not sure if that would work with crayon marks. We’ll see I guess.

As much as I am not looking forward to all the labor involved to get this house in tip-top shape, I am super excited about the outcome. I love modern looking houses with accent walls and bright pretty colors. I can’t wait to actually be able to make a place MINE..
Obviously, in a rental, you have to be very careful about painting anything because you just know you’re going to have to paint it back when you move out. We only stenciled Holden’s walls across the top and bottom borders, and we’re going to have to repaint.. that thought alone makes me want to tear my hair out. Yeah yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have painted it in the first place… but I felt like a nursery shouldn’t be stark white. Didn’t feel right to me.

While I refuse to show you a picture of the insides of the house until it doesn’t look like a tornado of crap and pepto hit it.. I can show you the outside.

yay! Our move in date is a little bit later now (was supposed to be Feb 1st) because SOMEONE read our current lease wrong and it ends March 1st..
YAY we get to pay a lease breaking fee. I’m overjoyed by that, lemme tell you.

I’ll repeat what others have told me- it gives me more time to clean the place.

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  • Congrats on getting the house!! I wish I could help paint but of course A) I live 400 miles away and B) with Emily I haven’t even had the chance to paint my own house yet (I really need to get on that). There’s something about new paint that can really make you excited about where you live- I think that will make me so much happier about our house once it is done. And since there is a cleanliness issue, paint definitely helps makes a place feel cleaned up. Takes away any lingering smells too. Ew. But anyway- yay!