Clothing sizes can even make babies feel fat

A lot of normal every-day women have gripes with clothing sizes. Many have found their favorite store, where they fit into, say, a size 6, only to go to another store and suddenly find themselves trying desperately to squeeze into an 8. They end up leaving because the clothing size differs so much it makes them feel like a cow. It’s happened to me way too many times. Even before having Holden, in some stores I could easily wear a size 2, while other stores I found myself busting out of a size 5. It never really made a ton of sense to me how that works. Sizes should just be universal to save people time and frustration. Men have it much easier, as their sizes are ALWAYS in inches, so you know that unless you’re trying to lie to yourself about your waist measurement, your size will always remain the same regardless of what store you go to.

I never ever thought this would apply to baby clothes. Sadly, it does.
There’s no denying that Holden was an incredibly chunky little baby, so he was obviously in sizes bigger than his age.. sometimes.
When he was 3 months old, he was wearing 6 month clothing, at 6 months old, wearing 12 month clothing. A lot of baby clothes have the weight and height ‘restrictions’ listed on the tag- and they always made me laugh hysterically. It’s like clothing companies expect ALL babies to be tiny. A good six pounds under what Holden’s weight was. I found myself getting fed up a lot of times and just squeezing him into clothes until they became so tight they looked like spandex leotards. Boys should not wear spandex leotards.
Or squeezing him into things where he’d kick a leg and a button would pop open. That meant it was time to retire those clothes.

It’s pretty depressing when you’re shopping in the toddler section and you have an 8 month old. Not even saying there’s anything wrong with having a chunky baby- they’re incredibly cute and squeezable, but the sizing system is so inaccurate it’s ridiculous. That, and you get a slap of reality that your baby ISN’T a baby anymore. Incredibly sad realization. Some babies might not grow very fast, they’re tiny and adorable forever- mine grew up WAY too fast for my liking. The clothing situation doesn’t help.

Carter’s clothes? Forget it. Those are for short skinny babies. Old navy? Meh. Depends on what you buy- most of the clothes he should fit in are too small while he SWIMS in their t-shirts. Gymboree, The Children’s Place, and Baby Gap have seemed to be the only stores I can find that Holden can fit into the clothing sizes he’s “supposed” to be in.

At least he isn’t old enough to care what size he’s wearing. He still loves being naked and farting on people. Sounds like a typical male to me.
I can just imagine if I were him
“Does this onesie make me look fat?”

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  • I doubt he even recognizes that he is wearing different clothes each day. lol.

    What else can we say? He just grew. He also appears to have expensive taste in clothing. Baby Gap, Gymboree… Blah!!!

    We have managed to do a pretty good job at keeping him clothed. I know we might need to take a small hiatus to the mall or such to buy him some new 15T outfits. :oP