The Mississippi Mud Flap

Upon looking at baby pictures of myself, I had a feeling Holden would be mostly hairless for a long time. I don’t think I had a good head of hair until I was well over 2 years old. Thin, short, and blond. Obviously that’s changed now. I have a shitload of hair and have to have it thinned out or it starts looking like a mop on my head.
Holden was born with a lot of dark hair. Color me surprised. Surprised at the amount, and of course the color.. seeing as Thomas and I were blonds as children.
That’s when everyone started telling me Holden was going to lose all of that gorgeous hair the older he got and ‘new hair’ would grow in. It sounded totally insane to me. Babies lose their hair? What kind of bullshittery is that?

Sure enough, the hair started to go. First the sideburns, then the top. The only hair that stayed was the hair right where his neck met his bulbous head, and at the crown of his head. We called it ‘the whirlpool.’ Soon, that was really the only hair he had. It seemed like peach fuzz everywhere else, and I started to worry that Holden would soon be the proud owner of a hairstyle lovingly known as ‘the mullet.’ I don’t know a single person who thinks a mullet is cool… even though I see them sported around here quite often by the rednecks and hillbillies who inhabit the area. Those are also the people who have confederate flags flying from their cars and bumper stickers that say “It’s heritage, not racism!” Riiiiiiight. This was obviously not something I wanted Holden to have.

His hair has SO slowly been growing back in, while his whirlpool and mud flap has gotten ridiculously long. Still, I have been holding out hope that somehow the hair on the top of his head would catch up to the back and even out and NOT turn into a mullet. I guess I somewhat got my wish. His sideburns seem to be the fastest growing hair on his head now.. which is weird, but i’ll take it.
The bed head that comes along with long thin baby hair is also not very ideal. It’s impossible to keep down, and now Holden sometimes ends up looking like Alfalfa from ‘The Little Rascals’
when he wakes up from a nap.

No water in the world will keep that hair down.

I’m still sticking to my guns and not cutting his hair. I refuse. I love his shaggy hair. Holden was practically bald for so long, he deserves to have some insulation up there for a while.
Now, I don’t plan on letting it get so long that people can’t tell whether he’s a boy or a girl… but never ever will he ever have a bowl cut.

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  • LOLOL I am so glad the mud flap stage is over. I got many mullet comments too. =( But yeah, toddler hair sucks to work with! I wind up smoothing it down with a baby wipe 3 times a day, and she’s got all this crap hanging in her eyes now but I refuse to cut bangs. (I had that bang-bowly looking cut as a toddler and once you cut bangs you have to be *committed*).

    Your ads won’t load at all for me anymore. The hubby may have downloaded some ad-block software of some sort I guess. Hope the page views still help- I’ve been reading, just busy!!

  • Toddler bedhead is the WORST!! It’s like once that thin hair is up, it is UP and it will take a full shampooing to get it down lol!

    Did you research this? Why is it called the MISSISSIPPI Mud Flap? 😛

  • haha i’m not sure. I’m guessing because Mississippi is thought to be ‘country’, and it starts with an M.. so it sounds good together.

    Mississippi mud flap, rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? 😉