You know you’re having a bad day when…

Ok I guess I wouldn’t say the ENTIRE day was a flop, but a lot of it was not so fantastic in my book. I’m in the mood to throw myself a wonderfully sad pity party, and I think i’m entitled.

It all started last night at around midnight when I got an email from a certain company that i’ve been making a little bit of money from here and there (yes totally legal, and if you know me personally you know what i’m talking about.. but can’t go into full detail here), saying that they have ‘disabled’ my account. Why? No real reason stated. Now, this wouldn’t be such a huge deal.. if i’d actually been paid by this company.. but you have to have $100, and then wait until the 30th of the NEXT month to get paid once you reach that $100.. So that makes my payment date Dec. 30th. I’ve been accumulating money for months now just waiting to be paid, counting on the money that was very slowly adding up in my account, and honestly could NOT wait to get paid because it was a pretty decent chunk of change (for me anyways). Now that my account is disabled, I will not be getting paid at all unless my ‘appeal’ goes through.. and i’m highly doubting that is going to happen. Just a sinking feeling I have.
It seems incredibly fishy that my account would be ‘disabled’ for no good reason, right before i’m about to get paid- RIGHT before Christmas. And people wonder why I HATE THE HOLIDAYS. Now, if they do the right thing and accept my appeal, i’ll gladly eat my words. The fact that I do NOT think they will, and will essentially be taking money from me when i’ve done nothing wrong… pisses me off. badly.

Add that to the fact that I woke up this morning with swollen glands and feeling like my stitches were going to pop right out of my mouth. I took all 3 of my medications and Holden and I passed back out until 9am.. I felt much better then.
Once the pain subsided a little and the pain MEDICATION took over.. this weird calm came over the house. Holden was mellow, I was mellow.. he just wanted me to sit on the floor so he could lay next to me (and turn over, and turn over, and turn over…)
He also really liked sharing my cold compress, weird kid I have.

It’s funny that I feel on the same wavelength as him when i’m hazy from medium strength painkillers. I swear he acts like he’s high all the time, so I guess when i’m feeling it we have this strange mutual understanding.
None of the mellow-ness between us helped when I actually had to lift him and got the taste of blood in my mouth though. I can’t describe to you how sick I am of the taste of iron.

On a totally different tangent, since i’m kind of scatterbrained right now.. if this crazy Christmas sweater wearing whack-job doesn’t stop crying on “What not to Wear” i’m going to throw my drink at the TV.

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  • I really hope it turns out differently than what you’re expecting.

    So funny that you and Holden are on the same wave-length when you’re taking your meds! It’s great that he is being good for you!

    I’ve been catching episodes of that show. Some things these people wear… WOW!

  • I’m glad you’re hanging in there…you’re a stronger lady than I would be! I hope you get your money, but I’m with you- I don’t get my hopes up that things like that will go my way. I wonder if blogs can be “”reported”” and blocked without investigation when someone “”anonymous”” doesn’t like them. That would suck.

  • y’know what- that’s a good question. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    They still haven’t responded to my appeal. This whole thing is beyond ridiculous.

  • Those bastards! It is really crappy that you are going to lose out ona small buttload of money becuse they decided that they wanted to disable your account.

    I guess that’s what happens when you work for a company, they can pretty much do what they want, and you have to appeal for your job.