Yay for Leftovers!

For pretty obvious reasons.. I am just not in the mood to cook lately. It’s not just that i’m tired and grumpy and my mouth is bugging me.. it’s that A) everything I WANT to eat, I can’t. Hurts too much or B) Holden can’t eat it, or C) takes too long..
I could probably list a billion reasons.. honestly the hardest thing to work around is Holden. He’s been loving the past few days because one of his most favorite dishes in the world is good old macaroni & cheese.. and that’s just about one of the only things I can eat so he’s in toddler heaven.
A lot of times cooking for him is somewhat of an uphill battle.

When he first started ‘solid’ food (meaning pureed disgusting mush in a jar), I thought THAT was pretty complicated. What’s he supposed to eat? how much? What the hell is the difference between stage 1 and stage 2? Obviously stage 3 is lumpy, so he shouldn’t be eating that yet, right? This doesn’t taste like what it says it should on the label! Why do bananas make him scream? How many times a DAY do I feed him?
SOOOO many questions would float around my head that I wasn’t ever sure I was doing it right. I let him eat however much he wanted, he’s obviously never had trouble gaining weight so there was no real reason to worry- and he seemed to like everything.. or he’d eat everything (even if it made him gag) so no problems there!
Not to mention that Holden having his own food meant that Thomas and I could eat like absolute shit all the time. Shit meaning fast food. I am not a huge fan of cooking, and it’s not like i’m very good at it either- and sadly eating fast food is cheaper for two people than buying groceries (unless you’re buying thickburgers constantly, those things are pricey!), so it just seemed like the fastest easiest option for us. Not the healthiest, obviously.. but Thomas was so tired from work, and I was so tired from trying to figure Holden out that we just didn’t care how unhealthy we were being.

Then came the time for Holden to start TABLE food. This opened a huge can of worms that i’m not sure I was really prepared for. As i’ve said, I am NOT a cook.. i’m not imaginitive.. but I wanted to make sure Holden was eating balanced meals (as balanced as they can be) and getting enough to eat at the same time.
At first he absolutely HATED sandwiches and that’s what I eat (usually) for lunch every day, and all the advice people gave me was to feed him what I was eating.. that wasn’t gonna fly. And it obviously wouldn’t do for dinner- never wanted to be the kid on Maury Povich with the 200 lb 5 year old because I gave him french fries all the time. PASS!

This all meant I needed to step out of my shell and start improvising. The Lil’ Meals were lifesavers at first.. incredibly messy and some of them smelled like dog food but they seemed to do the trick. Now, he’s obsessed with sandwiches (gah, edit that, wasn’t into the sammy today), so if he sees ME eating one, he has to have one too..Lucked out!

Dinner, not as simple as lunch. It’s not that I don’t like vegetables, they’re just so boring.. So it takes me going out of my way making him some freezer veggies to munch on.. Plus making a dinner that all 3 of us can eat. Ground beef? No way. I think Holden LIKES ground beef.. he’s just always choking on it, or picking through it. Maybe it’s just my ground beef (lean).. he attacks my Taco Bell (fatty) with a passion if and when I ever have it. He loves hotdogs, but I don’t want him eating those all the time either. It doesn’t strike me as the epitomy of health. Most nights we end up sticking with chicken, can’t go wrong with chicken.

Taking a step back and looking at it in perspective, Holden isn’t super picky.. Some nights are worse than others- but he’ll eat just about anything I put infront of him if I make him sit there long enough… and having to cook more often means that we’re ALL healthier, and saving a little bit of money (I know how to make leftovers last).. But there are still days where i’m lost on what to make, how much to give him, if he’s eating well enough.
I don’t think a day will go by where I don’t second guess what i’m doing, but as i’ve said a billion times before- it just comes with the territory.

The best is when you have leftovers from the night before, and you don’t have to worry about cooking anything at all. Go into the kitchen, pop it in the microwave and be done with it. No stress, no hassle. Tonight was one of those nights. Too bad Holden really didn’t want much to do with his pot roast, and it was damn good too!
Even though.. I’d definitely much rather have had Chic-Fil-A. Mmmmm. Closed on Sundays and i’d pop a stitch! Too bad for me.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (I SO KNOW YOU ARE!) my colon is no longer on strike.. It was very very angry today. Jinxed myself, damnit!

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  • I like left-overs for that exact reason too. I used to hate having left-overs bc before I’d never get to eating them. Now, I love to have them. So easy when you don’t feel up to cooking or you haven’t felt like cleaning and don’t have dishes to cook with anyway lol! 😉

  • ditto, our leftovers used to go bad! Now they absolutely must be eaten.. even if we’ve had them for 3 days in a row haha

  • Ha, I think D would call it quits on the third day! That’s how he was with Thanksgiving left-overs! I wanted them, so we didn’t have to worry about food for a few days and he was busy checking for something “different” to eat! 😛

  • I HATE dealing with food! I had no idea it was this complicated, and I thought after months and months of only drinking milk a kid would be dying to eat. Ugh. After 2 months of doctor visits with a specialist, I can finally get Emily to eat a little, but she’s so picky it hurts (even with “bad” food). And the ONLY way she’ll eat veggies is if I mix that stage 1 puree crap into yogurt. Ewww- pea yogurt! I finally got her to eat a ravioli square (cut up into 928384 pieces) and I’ve been keeping them in a tupperware to dish out one at a time for a week. When do I HAVE to throw it away? lol

  • I can give you some recipes on some easy stuff to make… Like a chicken substitute for ground beef in spaghetti. Cut up the chicken into pieces and cook them and then season them. Add any old spaghetti sauce. Instead of spaghetti noodles, do bowties and voila, a twist on a meal that’s easy and quick 🙂

  • Food is complicated. Why was it so easy when we were children? I know our parents made things all the time. Well… mine did. My mom had meals planned out, it seemed like, weeks ahead of time. Okay, this week its, pizza, lasagne, burgers, spaghetti, meatloaf, cabbage rolls, fried rice, etc… wow, now that I name the foods… they aren’t that healthy. HAH.

    I just dont know how she did it all the time. All homemade. All GREAT. Probably a $300 a week grocery bill though.