Who doesn’t love talking about movies?

Have you ever seen movies that you absolutely loved and couldn’t stop thinking about? Have there ever been times where you’ve wanted to share your own Movie Reviews, or just to see if someone else shared your opinion?
Same could be said for movies you absolutely hated. Those are my favorite to talk about. Those movies you watch and afterwards you think “I wish I could get those two hours of my life back.”
Those are the best to go online and complain about, to warn others about.
Or there’s even the time where you see a movie you love that’s getting crapped all over by the critics and you’d like to set the story straight.

Hated the new Indiana Jones? Check out some Action Movie Reviews, see if the majority agrees with you.

I’ve come across a website that will allow you to do all of these things. Not only for movies, but for music and games too. It’s called everhype.com.
Incredibly easy to navigate, and a good source of information on entertainment media before you go out and waste your money on something you’ll end up hating. It’s the worst to feed into the hype for a movie or game, go out and buy it, and be thoroughly disappointed. And now you don’t have to.

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