When it rains, it pours.

Today was one of those days where I just KNEW things weren’t going to go my way. Little did I know just how bad it was going to get.

It started with Holden pooping while eating breakfast. I swear he must think his highchair (we sit on the floor and eat with him in a mini-chair) is the potty, because this is the second day in a row where he’s done this. I took him upstairs to change him, and he started flipping out on the changing table. He normally doesn’t like being changed, but he never goes totally apeshit like he went today. He grunted and i’m thinking “oh no, is he going to poop again?” but nothing happened.. A second later, another grunt and a turd comes flowing out of his butt. Awesome.
I try not to gag and clean it up, wipe him down again… when he starts freaking out again.
This is where I should have taken him to the potty, I don’t know why I didn’t- but a grunt later and there was more poop.
This repeated one more time until he was finally done.

I took him downstairs and within 5 minutes of playing, he’d pooped again. What the hell did this kid eat to make him crap so much?? That poop was the foulest smelling of them all. Fantastic!

At that point, the thought crossed my mind that today was just going to be BAD.

A little later in the day, he kept crawling between the couches (a big no-no) and while I was in the other room trying to make sweet tea- he grabbed my glass off of the table he SHOULDN’T be able to reach and threw it on the ground shattering it and sending sweet tea all over my freshly mopped floor. I’m lucky he didn’t seriously hurt himself, there was broken glass everywhere.

Suspicions confirmed: today is definitely a bad day.

Around 5’clock I started getting some intense pain in my mouth. Thinking it was just some food stuck in my molars (as I do not have any wisdom teeth, just blank spaces), I brush my teeth to free whatever’s stuck in there. At first it feels really good… but very quickly good turned to SEARING pain. The kind that makes your eyes water.
This is definitely not a case of food stuck in my teeth.

I reach my finger to the WAAYY back of my mouth where the pain is coming from and come across and incredibly sharp jagged ‘wall.’ Literally, it feels like a wall of tooth, empty in the middle. So now I think i’ve BROKEN a tooth. Not good.

I text my neighbor/friend who is in nursing school and tell her that I think i’ve cracked a molar. She comes over a few minutes later with her little pen-light to get a good look in my mouth.
After a second or two of staring into my mouth I hear her say “oh no” and I know it can’t be good.
She informs me it’s a wisdom tooth growing in… but it’s not growing in straight. Instead, it’s growing OUT- into my cheek.
She also informs me that I need to get surgery as soon as possible before it either gets infected, impacts my other teeth, or both- and that possibly my insurance won’t cover the entire thing and i’ll have to pay a percentage of the cost.

Great, so i’m going to have to go get surgery on my mouth, with money we don’t have, RIGHT before Christmas. AND i’ll have to have someone at the house to watch Holden.. and I have no one to watch Holden.
Did I mention i’m terrified of Dentists? I haven’t been in YEARS because when I was little my dentist held me down while I was screaming to clean my teeth. Guess you could say it scarred me for life.

So.. yeah.. To say that today sucked major ass would be an understatement.

Anyone have any vicodan? Or extra money lying around? My mouth would much appreciate it.

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  • I feel so bad for your mouth at the moment, and your nose earlier. 🙁

    There are days that will try even the most patient monks, I guess. Seems like you had one.

    I am very glad though that Holden got stuck in the couch after he smashed that glass. Could have been really really bad. Good thing our insurance picked up yesterday. Now we need to get you to the dentist, the dermatologist, and pediatrician.

  • I’m so sorry! I hope you work something out about Holden so you can get some rest. If it makes you feel any better (probably not) you are young enough that it will probably “only” be about 3 days of total suck. I waited until I was 30 to get all 4 of mine out and it took a week for me to function. Honest, most people I know who got it done in their late teens to mid 20s didn’t have many problems at all recovering in a couple days.

    My insurance at the time picked up 80% of the cost but I still had to fork down about $200 at the oral surgeon the day of the surgery. It’s crazy that something that took him literally 5 minutes to do cost so much, but I guess most of the money went to the drugs that knocked me out!!
    Good luck- what a way to mess up Christmas. =(

  • it really only takes 5 minutes? that makes me feel a little better.

    Our insurance covers 90% and it’s estimated to be about 270. 270!!!!!


    my neighbor said when they do an xray if they see any others they’ll dig those out too. eeehhhhhh

    I put baby orajel in my mouth a couple minutes ago, first relief from pain i’ve had all day. Was hardly able to eat my cereal this morning. ugh!!!!

    oh, and they’ll be SORRY if they don’t knock my ass out!!

  • Yeah, 5 minutes for 4 teeth- yank, yank, yank, yank! Waiting for the drugs to knock me out and then waking up from them enough to walk out took up all of the time I was there. I guess yours is more expensive because it’s impacted? Or have the prices gone up that much in 3 years, wow. As long as the tooth is through the gum though, even if it’s sideways, they should be able to just pull it out fast. The only time it takes longer (and even that isn’t TOO long) is when the tooth they are taking out is still all the way under the gum and they have to cut it out. Eww.

    I really wasn’t in any pain the entire first 24 hours.. I think I napped almost the whole next day and was only up for an hour at a time here and there. Awesome drugs!!

    I keep clicking these ads…don’t know if it’s working, lol.

  • Maybe it’s just that my insurance sucks??

    the 270 was for 4 teeth. I only have ONE through, but there’s no telling if I have other ones deep down in there. OMG DONT WANT!!!

    I have a migraine from this bitch pushing all my other teeth. argggghhhh.. and there are no open spots to get this bitch out until next week. I am not happy. I don’t want surgery, but I WANT THIS THING OUUTTT!!!!

    I think the clicking is working, i’ve made 5 bucks today! yay!

  • Oh no, that is terrible timing! We are there too atm. So thankful we got most of our Christmas shopping done early or else we’d be SCROOGED! Haha, gotta find the humor some where! 😛 Hope you guys can figure something out.

    Wish we lived closer, I’d come watch the bad boy! LOL 😉

  • I probably should have gotten on the whole “shopping early” bandwagon.. but i’m a procrastinator at heart!

    bah humbug!!!