Urgghll blurgh

Oh how I wish I was that incoherent right now. You can probably tell by the previous sentence that I am not. I’m a little loopy.. that’s about it.

My opinion on oral surgery now that i’ve had it? It can eat a dick.

If you’re curious, yes I really did receive that brochure.
Anyways, the actual surgery part was a piece of cake.. duh- I was asleep for the whole thing. I can remember sitting in the chair and chatting with same-name nurse, then her giving me laughing gas and me telling her “yea, there’s no way this would make me okay with having teeth yanked from my mouth”.. and then I guess we were talking about Christmas gifts and it’s black after that.
I don’t think I dreamed.. I don’t really remember. I woke up extremely calm and extremely numb and basically choking on all the gauze in my mouth. At that point I was pretty optimistic, it didn’t seem as bad as i’d hyped it up to be.

It was then that I was handed the bag containing my extracted wisdom teeth. I never asked for them, I think I might have even said I DIDN’T want them- but I was so out of it I probably got excited about seeing them.

Two teeth to the left are the teeth that had to be dug out of my jaw. Cool, different than I thought they’d look (I thought they would be bigger).. weird color since they were IN my gums and not exposed.. but whatever.

Then I noticed a very different looking tooth on the other side of the package. It was the one that was bothering me.
At that moment, I realized just how bad my tooth was and the oral-surgeon failed to tell me.

Your eyes do not deceive you. That tooth is not only SHATTERED at the top (which is what was stabbing my cheek all along), but it’s rotting on the inside.
Remembering back to my consultation, the assholish-surgeon had done an exam and then given me the option as to whether I wanted the teeth removed or not. So, basically.. he was willing to leave a shattered rotting tooth in my mouth. Professional! Caring! Douchebag!

I was totally shocked, I couldn’t believe that nasty thing was sitting in my mouth causing me so much hell and I had no idea. I was glad it was gone, but the sight of it was definitely a buzzkill.

The rest of my day was pretty much pure hell. I was in intense pain.. couldn’t sleep because I was bleeding through my gauze and had to change it, couldn’t eat or swallow water because it hurt too much.

Thank the lord for my neighbor/friend Karma coming over and taking care of me. It’s nice to have a Mommy around who knows what to do. Thomas seemed lost trying to deal with both Holden and I (and that statement might make him mad but it’s the truth).

The ONLY good thing about the day is how well behaved Holden was. Maybe he knew not to run around screaming like a little hellion. Intuition of some sort.

As of now.. my gums are still bleeding, i’m still in a pretty decent amount of pain and the hydrocodone is only seeming to make me itch instead of taking the pain away. My face doesn’t look like an alien, yet. I’m expecting to wake up tomorrow looking like I got botched plastic surgery.

My only hope is that these stitches dissolve.. I can not imagine getting them torn out by assholish-surgeon. Terrifying thought.
Tomorrow should be ok I guess. Karma is coming over in the morning to help me with Holden, and my brother is coming over in the afternoon (my brother, who thinks Karma is H-O-T, hilarious).

The consensus is that I never EVER want dental work again. EVER!!!!

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  • I can’t believe he didn’t tell you about that tooth! How gross is that? I’m glad it’s out. I clicked on all the ads for you. 🙂

  • I know right?? I wonder if I had said I didn’t want them removed if he would have just let me walk out of his office. Couldn’t that have been malpractice or something?

    and thanks 🙂

    paying money to be put in pain… not making sense to me right now lol

  • Ew, my SIL would cringe at the sight of those teeth(and the tale of your surgery)!!! I do not blame you for not ever wanting to go through something like that again. Take care of your teeth lol!!

  • I thought I was!! I honestly have NO idea how I broke that tooth. I don’t eat hard candy or anything… makes no sense.

  • I swear, I thought you were going to post pics of your mouth wide open with all the yucky gauze and stuff in there! That most likely would’ve been even more painful though and I know you wouldn’t go there with the pain you’re already in!

    I am going to blame genes when I am getting dentures at age 40 and D still has good teeth. Hoping it won’t happen…Expecting that it will. Got my bases covered!! 😛

  • heck no! I can’t even bear to look! don’t wanna see.. just want it to heal.

    get veneers! they’re pretty. I’ve always wanted them

  • DAMNIT. I’m not re-writing that entire comment. Stupid Blogger.

    Here’s the synopsis:
    Glad it went well.
    Tooth might have been broken during extraction. Long shot.
    Glad we have good friends to help.
    I had a lot to do, hence why I seemed lost.
    You are doing great with your recovery so far.
    I believe they used dissolving stitches.

    PS: Dente…. is my approval word.

  • I think said tooth was broken before removal.. or it wouldn’t have been cutting into my cheek all day every day. And I even said it felt broken before I knew it was a wisdom tooth! It was both! The other two wisdom teeth are nice and round, so it shouldn’t have been stabbing me.

    5 more minutes and I get pain meds yaayyy

  • God. They should have given you vicodin. What you got is for small surgeries. 🙁

  • Aww Jenny! That sucks! And your tooth officially beats mine (not sure what kind of prize that gives you lol). Only HALF of my wisdom tooth was missing and black inside when they took it out. I still have them somewhere, I don’t know why. And how does it crumble anyway…I was thinking, “Wait, did I swallow it?” Ew.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep- that’s what made time go by the easiest. Maybe the extra bleeding is because they had to cut them out I guess? Mine were all 100% grown out so they were just pulled. Also with the pain meds- they sent me home with the weakest stuff possible and I had to make another appointment (with another dentist) to ask for something stronger. I was told that because of pain pill addictions you are given the weak sauce until you plead your cause. Doc #2 sent me home with a MUCH better prescription when he looked in my mouth and saw why I was still in pain (a dry socket). 😉

    Ah well, I wish a faster recovery for you- I swear I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon.

    PS That pamphlet is too much. I thought the “Sooo…you’ve decided to” was a common joke. lol

  • that still sounds pretty bad Laura!!

    i’m feeling better today but VERY VERY sore and the hydrocodone isn’t helping. Meh. If I had a regular dentist i’d go and ask for something better but I don’t!