Tomorrow is D-Day

My head hurts just thinking about the pain my mouth will be in for the next week after I wake up from oral surgery. Not. going. to. be. fun.

While I knew i’d be nervous going into this.. I didn’t think it would give me the beginnings of a migraine just thinking about it.

Here I am, for once wishing I could be like my Dad, who has zero wisdom teeth and has never had to deal with this crap.

Thomas, my dad, Holden and I all went out to shovel down some chinese buffet tonight since I know I won’t be eating much of anything for the next few days. It’s been a LONG time since i’ve gone to a buffet.. and I don’t think i’ll be going again any time soon. The food was good, but i’m pretty sure my arteries are screaming at me right now for clogging them with fat and MSG.. and my stomach certainly isn’t happy that it is now the proud carrier of a majestic food baby.

Kudos (or non Kudos) go to my Dad for stuffing more food into himself than I thought was humanly possible. Had to have been something like 5 plates overflowing with fattening chinese food goodies. And of course, he excused himself to the restroom as soon as he was done to expel all of those goodies from his stomach, as he always does- one reason I do NOT want to be more like my Dad.. IBS doesn’t seem like a fun time.

After midnight tonight I have to start fasting. Not like I actually eat anything after midnight.. but I am a water addict. Never do I sleep through the night, especially now that I have to sleep in ONE position, with my mouth open, or I wake up and feel like my face will fall off.. Needless to say I get intense cotton mouth and need to wash it down with water. Not tonight! I get to be parched. Awesome. All because assholish-surgeon doesn’t want me puking on him when I wake up from anesthesia.. Pussy.

Anyways, wish me luck. Not sure if there will be an entry tomorrow.. I might try, and it will probably be an.. er… interesting read.

Posted on December 9, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • Oh, now that would be a funny post! Jenny on drugs! LOL Do it, do it, do it-if you’re up to it! 😛

    Good luck, hope you have a fast and minimally painful recovery with some awesome pain meds!

  • haha i’m actually hoping to so I can look back at it and ROFL

    hopefully i’ll be awake enough to sit down and bang something out.

    I imagine it will be like an incredibly drunk post.

  • I believe that everything will go just fine. We will have both Karma and I here to help out with everything. Kinda hope that I can get atleast some work done while I am here.

    Well, atleast you do get some good medication. Hope it works. 😉