This market is good for who, exactly?

Every report about the home buying market right now says that this very moment is “THE TIME TO BUY.”
Home values are at an all time low, lots of houses for sale that have been on the market for a long time and prices are reduced.. etc etc

I don’t know who these reports are talking to.. it doesn’t seem like they’re meant for Thomas and I.

The townhouse complex we’re renting in currently is just NOT livable anymore. They’re so old and uncared for that everything is literally falling apart. All of the windows are broken and drafty. The back sliding glass door isn’t sealed and leaks not only cold cold air, but water into our ‘non working’ vent on the floor in the living room. We have ridiculously hard water.. and the water won’t stay hot. BLACK MOLD. everywhere. Cockroaches. HUGE ANGRY SPIDERS. I could honestly go on and on with this list. It’s totally ridiculous. To be living in a place this run down when it’s supposed to be kept up by the rental office just seems like fraud to me. We’re paying all this money to live in a shanty.
Alright, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit. The place is big and affordable. The bedrooms are huge. It’s in a quiet area. Those are the only pros, though.

The straw that broke the camels back is when they up and sold the complex without informing any of the tenants, and immediately started making all kinds of ridiculous changes. Threatening to evict us for late payment when we had an agreement with the previous property manager (whom they fired the day the property was sold). The new office people talking down to us like we’re a bunch of degenerates didn’t help either. Putting a dog run right outside of our fenced in back yard.. which they put ANOTHER fence behind so now we’re like caged animals and everyone can see into our house because it’s become so public back there- and it constantly smells like shit. The fact that they’re upping our rent because of our TINY half bath downstairs when they’re lowering everyone else’s. AND they’re putting washers and dryers in all of the EMPTY units.. people who actually live here and have had to deal with the ridiculous BS that goes on won’t be getting them until December of 09. What. The. Fuck.

Our lease is coming up for renewal in about a month, and I DO NOT WANT TO RESIGN. I want out. SO SO SO badly you have no idea. The thought of being trapped here for another year makes me want to crawl out of my skin and die.

So the obvious choice was to begin looking for a house. If my brother, who has bad credit.. can get approved for a 200k loan, so can we, right?
Not looking that way.
Due to all the stupid bills we have.. I’m not sure we’re going to be able to qualify for anything we’d deem suitable to live in. Maybe if we had a HUGE down payment, but we don’t.

So in this ‘buyers market’, we might not be able to buy unless we find a really sweet foreclosure… And while that’s possible, I can see us being outbit VERY quickly on something nice by someone with more money. I should probably stay optimistic, but consider my luck lately.

I was so hopeful earlier today, and now my day has been pooped on. Cheerios have been pissed in. Spirits have been dampered. Rained on my damn parade.
You see where i’m going with this.

We need to win the lottery, like… now. Or invent something really freaking trivial that everyone will want and become quazillionaires.

Would you buy an automatic booger-picker?

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  • Geez. You poor thing. Hopefully you keep the baby away from the roaches…..isn’t there a family member you could borrow from?

  • luckily the roaches stay mostly in the kitchen and Holden isn’t allowed in there.

    I wish my family were generous enough to let us borrow, unfortunately- if there’s one thing my family is, it’s greedy.

  • < < If my brother, who has bad credit.. can get approved for a 200k loan >>

    Holy hell.. I got my home loan in March of ’07- before the lenders started panicking and they still treated me like a criminal for a $75K loan! My credit score was good, we just have a lot of CC debt and low salaries. But still- it took a month of begging and BS. I was like…how have I paid my rent for 7 years but you’re worried that I won’t pay a mortgage payment that is the exact same?? It didn’t make sense. I think they meant it’s a good time for the rich people to buy. =P Good luck anyway! It’s so worth it in the end though.

  • It’s definitely worth it in the end. Any other news?

    Thank God Holden doesn’t get near those things. They FREAK me out! I saw ONE in the shower and I had to check the shower curtain before I got in. Eek, always makes me think of Joe’s Apartment lol!

    We had to get 76k to cover some kind of fee for going through the USDA-supposedly to get a cheaper payment… HA! $564 does not sound cheaper than anyone other mortgage for a $75k house! Idk, I guess 7% is a decent interest rate? 😛

    Do you have a referral link for PPP? I was thinking of joining since we ARE going to be needed a little help from somewhere!

  • i’m gonna post an update in my blog tonight

    564 is CHEAP!!!

    we pay 830 for this craphole.

    then again.. houses here are 3 times that amount. UGH. and for WHAT?! not like it’s super fantastic to live here or anything.

    my referral link is….

    Click here

    I think it’s a standard link and you put my info in once you get there??
    you can also click the “review my post” button at the bottom of any post and get us both paid that way by reviewing my… post… haha