Sweet Holiday Frames

Upon digging through my cluttered purse, I once again came across my poor neglected glasses. They’re scratched up (because I could only afford the cheap kind, and even those were expensive).. seem to have this weird permanent glitter all over the lenses, and I think they might even sit on my face a little crooked. It’s not a pretty picture.

With all the other money i’ve had to shell out lately, i’m really not sure how I can afford new eyeglasses. Going to a store in the mall, or an optometrist would probably once again cost me out of my butt (hey, insurance only covers 90% of dental, who knows how much or little they’d cover of optical).. and that’s not an option for me.

Even though the holidays are over, the sales aren’t. I’ve found some deals for Holiday frames at zennioptical.com, ranging from 10 bucks to 20. All better than having to buy 100 dollar frames at a Lens Crafters or somewhere similar.
If you’re feeling really festive, they have some sweet red frames with snowflakes you might like:

Maybe if I can recover from the 2k I need to scrounge up to move out of this townhouse, i’ll have to buy a new pair of glasses (or three, I suck at making decisions).

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